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82356 Mumbai CSMT - Patna Suvidha Express Suvidha ECR CSMT 11:05 PNBE 15:35 +1 night 28h 30m - - T - - F - 1707 km 60 km/hr SL | 3A | 2A
82355 Patna - Mumbai CSMT Suvidha Express Suvidha ECR PNBE 13:00 CSMT 16:05 +1 night 27h 5m S - - W - - - 1707 km 63 km/hr SL | 3A | 2A
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Suvidha Express FAQs

What are the Suvidha Express Trains?

The Suvidha Express also called "Premium Express Trains", is a category of long-distance superfast trains operated by the Indian Railways, launched in 2014 for the first time and run on the busiest Mumbai to Delhi route. These trains follow the dynamic fare structure similar to airlines. Premium trains get the highest priority on the railway network over normal Superfast and Express trains like Shatabdi, Duronto, and Rajdhani Express.

Which was the first Suvidha Express Train and when was it introduced?

The first Suvidha train was "22913 Mumbai Central New Delhi AC Suvidha Special Express" started on 1 October 2014, between Mumbai Bandra Terminus and Saharsa Jn, which covers the distance of 1384 km in just 15 hours and 55 minutes.

What are the classes available in Suvidha Trains?

The classes of travel available in Suvidha Trains are Sleeper (SL), AC 3 Tier (3A), and AC 2 Tier (2A).

What is the average and max speed of Suvidha Express?

Suvidha Express runs on an average speed of 51-65 km/h and its max permissible speed is 110 km/h.

How many Suvidha Express trains are running?

Total 2 Suvidha Express trains are running.

Which is the popular Suvidha Train?

The name, number, and schedule of all popular Suvidha Trains are already mentioned above, so just use the search box to find the desired train. If you want to get route details of any Suvidha Trains, then click on the train number present in the train list.