Disclaimer - Terms of Uses

Disclaimer: Terms of Uses

We, at IndianTrain.in, welcome you to our website.

We request you to read our terms and conditions carefully before browsing through our website. By visiting IndianTrain.in website, you agree to the terms of uses listed herein as a legal contract between you as the beneficiary of this service and us.

By merely browsing or visiting the website from any device or location, you will be subject to our terms and conditions. If you disagree with anyone or all of these Terms of Uses, please do not visit our website. We have the sole authority/right to revise and update these Terms Uses at any given point of time. Your continued usage of our website will mean you accept our updates in the terms and conditions. The content on IndianTrain.in, such as the text, images, graphs, forms, and any other information in any form, is only for informational purposes and not a substitute to professional travel advice or Indian Railway's guidelines. In addition to this, it is equally essential to note that our website IndianTrain.in is an independent portal and free from any connection, relation or affiliation with Indian Railways and its allied portals and services operated by the government authorities.

Terms and Conditions of IndianTrain.in Uses in brief:

1. Secure Your Account

We, hereby, declare that the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of your account/user id and password is entirely yours. You have to restrict the access to a computer and other mobile devices while browsing through the website to avoid unauthorized access to your account. Also, you must take measures to keep your password secure and accept the responsibility of all the activities under your account on our website. In case of any unauthorized access/leak of your password, you should inform us immediately.

Please provide us with your correct details and inform us about the changes made by you post-registration. By visiting our website, you also agree that you will use your account on our website only for personal purposes. Any breach or violation of terms and conditions from you or via activities under your account will be subject to refusal of the access to IndianTrain.in website. We also reserve the right to terminate your account. In addition to this, IndianTrain.in reserves the right to remove, edit or update the content at any time without informing or notice to you.

2. Data Privacy

By visiting or using our website, you give us the consent to collect and store your personal data and information such as name, address, e-mail addresses, contact number, etc. to provide better services and targeted advertisement. You also agree to share your details for any lawful purpose connected with the functions or activities of IndianTrain.in. You agree and give us the authority to share your personal data with any third party and affiliates to monetize the same. If you don't want your data to be stored, transferred, or used by us or any of our affiliates or a third party, we request you not to visit our website. We reserve all the rights to suspend or permanently delete your account. We may provide you with no service if you refuse to share your personal data with us.

3. Website Access License

We ensure you get access to our website without any interruption and error-free transmissions. However, this may not be possible all the time due to the network issues of the Internet. Besides that, we may restrict your access to the website occasionally for new feature/update, maintenance, or the launch of new services without prior notice to you. Despite that, we will try and limit the period of such restriction.

On compliance with our Terms of Use, we grant you a license to limited access and personal use of our web portal. However, you cannot download or modify any portion or data of our portal without written consent from IndianTrain.in and/or our affiliates. Also, you are not allowed to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, distribute or otherwise exploit any portion of the website or entire website for any commercial purpose without written consent from us.

You cannot use any framing technique to copy or enclose any of our trademark or other proprietary information without written consent from Indian Train and its affiliates. You are not authorized to use any of our Meta tag or any other "hidden text" using our website or its affiliates' names or without written consent from Indian Train and/or its affiliates. You cannot use our logo or other graphics as part of the link without our written consent or that of our affiliates.

5. Code of Conduct

You must not misuse the website or interrupt the access and damage it in any way. You will be held responsible, and not IndianTrain.in, for any electronic communication and content shared from your personal computer to us or any other third parties while browsing through our website. Make sure you use the website information, data or any other content only for lawful purposes and not for any of the following:

• Fraudulent or a criminal offence or other unlawful activities

• To share or use any information that belongs to someone else and not you.

• To use or send us an illegal, offensive, misleading, abusive, indecent, spam information and so on.

• To cause us annoyance or inconvenience in any way.

6. Interact with us via comments and other content formats

We allow you as a user of our website to post reviews, comments and send us other communications such as suggestions, ideas, queries, or other information. However, you must ensure that the content posted or sent to us is not illegal, abusive, defamatory, objectionable, etc. It must not contain any software viruses, political agenda, or any other form of "spam." Suppose you make use of a false e-mail address, impersonates any other person or entity, and/or mislead us about the origin of any content. In that case, we reserve the right to refuse, delete or edit such content as it violates the Terms and Conditions of use listed herein. We may also suspend your account or terminate your access to the website permanently, whichever is applicable.

By posting content or submitting material on our website, you

1.(a) grant us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, and irrevocable right to reuse, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and display your content throughout the world wide web or in any media; and

2.(b) grant us and our affiliates the right to make use of your account name in connection with such content, if we choose to do so.

7. Copyright, Trademarks and database protection

Any or all content on our website, including the text, infographics, logos, images, audio, data compilations, software, etc. is the property of Indian Train and its affiliates. The complete database on our website is protected by copyright, authors' rights and database right laws of the land that falls under Mumbai Jurisdiction.

Also, the Indian Train logo and other identifying marks on our website are entirely owned by Indian Train. Rest of the other trademarks that appear on our website may or may not be owned by Indian Train or its affiliates. They are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be connected to or sponsored by Indian Train.

8. Disclaimer

By visiting our website, you agree and acknowledge that you are accessing our web services and transacting at your own risk using your prudent judgment without any force or influence through our website. You further agree and acknowledge the use of our website only for your personal gain and not for business purposes.

We further disclaim any accuracy of the train information on our website as we only fetch and host the data or updates sourced from the authorized and/or official websites. Any change or update in the train information on our website is merely a reflection of the same on the official websites. Also, we are not liable for any warranties or quality of information, reliability, suitability, accuracy, performance for a particular purpose or legality of the services displayed or transactions and content on the website. We take utmost precautions to avoid inaccuracies in the information on the website and provide you with the same as is, without warranty of any kind. We do not support or endorse the sale and/or purchase of any products and services on the website, or via third-party ads on the website.