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Train Coach Position FAQs

How can I check train coach position?

To get coach position and seat layout of a particular train, simply enter train number or name of desired train and press the "Get Coach Position" button. On doing so, train coach position will be displayed on your device screen and it will be arranged subsequent to engine according to the order. Passenger need to select their coach to get the seat layout of that coach.

Are coach position and seat layout displayed always correct?

Indiantrain displays train coach position based on the previously available historical data. Therefore, sometimes these information changes without any prior notice, it happens because of overcrowd of trains running late on the station, so it is always advisable to recheck train status before commencing journey. Passenger should reach the station at-least half an hour before the train departure time, so that they can get enough time to reconfirm the platform number and coach position from railway inquiry counter.

Note:If you want to get accurate position of your coach then you should check it after the chart is prepared.

What to do if I do not get my coach number while checking coach position?

During the peak of season, railway adds additional coach in some trains to handle the rush. These coaches are added either next to engine or at the end of coaches. Therefore, it is always advisable to arrive station before an hour, so that one can enquire for their train coach position either on railway inquiry counter or on blackboard which is there on almost every platform where long-distance trains halt or from the coolies who are present at the platforms on regular basis.

Are all the coaches interlinked and can I go to pantry car?

Train coaches of most of the trains are usually interlinked and you can get through whichever coach you want but for some coaches (specially in 1A and EC) passengers are not allowed to enter. Generally, pantry car is placed in between of train so that it will be easily accessible from all coaches. Although, passengers are not allowed to enter the pantry car but they can ask for whatever they want by standing outside the door.