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Trains between Stations FAQs

Why should I check the trains between stations?

When a person thinks about booking a train ticket, the first things that come to his mind are which train runs on that route, their seat availability, and train time table. Trains between stations give you the list of trains that runs between your location and the destination you wish to go to. This helps you to plan your journey much more efficiently by choosing a train, which matches your schedule. Very often it happens that the train from which we wish to travel has no unreserved seats, in that case, you can opt for another train that runs on the same route which has unreserved seats.

How can I check trains between two stations?

If you want to get a complete list of trains between two stations then you just need to enter the name of your source station from where you want to start your journey and the destination station name where you want to go in the above search box and click on "Search Trains". By doing so, a list of trains will be displayed on your screen along with details such as train name and number, source and destination station, scheduled departure and arrival time, duration and distance, available classes and running days, train type, and the platform it arrives.

If there is more than one station in my city, which station I should choose?

You can select any one station of that city from the suggested options. When checking trains between stations irrespective of your selection, Indian Train shows the list of all trains that runs from or to any station of your source and destination city.