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Several trains get diverted due to various uncertain reasons. Therefore, before commencing your journey you should always check whether your train is on this list or not. On this web page, you will get a list of all diverted trains across the country.

Complete list of trains diverted or not undertaking the same route on 2024-07-20

Diverted Trains FAQs

What do you mean by diverted train?

It means the train will not pass by regular route to reach its end station.

What are the causes of train diversion?

The train gets diverted due to many unexpected issues like a signal failure, accident in route and coaches are still on the railway track, unscheduled maintenance of track, strike, hurricane, bad weather, etc.

How to get a refund if a train is diverted and the passenger doesn't want to undertake the journey?

If a train has been diverted because of some technical issue, track breakdown, natural calamities like flood, landslide, and thunderstorm. And Due to that, the passenger doesn't want to undertake the journey, then in order to get a refund he can cancel his ticket or file TDR up to 72 hours of the scheduled departure of the train at the boarding station.

What is the refund rule if a diverted train does not reach the destination station?

If you find out that the train gets diverted and you decided not to travel or it is diverted during the journey and the Indian railway doesn't make any alternative arrangements then you can claim a full refund either on the reservation counter or by filing an online TDR.

But, if you undertake the journey and are willing to use an alternative travel facility provided by the Indian railway then you get the refund of the untraveled portion after retaining fare for the traveled portion at the station where the journey is terminated.