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In order to regulate smoothly the train operations in foggy season, Indian Railways has devised a detailed plan for cancellation and frequency reduction, etc. of trains traveling across the fog-affected area.

Complete list of fog affected trains on 2023-12-07

Fog Affected Trains FAQs

Does fog affect the train's operation?

During foggy weather, the sight becomes blurry and due to that train needs to run at a very controllable speed to ensure passenger's safety which leads to considerable delays in the running of trains.

How fog can cause disruption for Indian railways?

Fog diminish the visibility that's why train drivers run slowly to make sure they can see the track-side signals, keeping passenger safety on the priority they stop or move on as per the signal light.

What if the train gets cancelled due to fog, can I get a refund?

If a train gets cancelled due to fog, the passenger will be granted a full refund whether they have booked online or through the PRS counter. The passengers are advised to check the live running status of their train before commencing their journey.