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Train Running Status FAQs

What is the live train running status?

Live train running status gives us the train's exact location along with time with the help of the Indian railway's advanced GPS tracking system. You will be updated on the train's current location and its delay status. In addition to this, you will also get information like schedule and actual arrival/departure, delay in arrival/departure, and expected platform on which train arrives.

How to check live train status?

If you want to spot your train, simply enter the train name or number in the search box and select running day then hit the "Get Status" button. As soon as you hit the button, the current train status will be displayed on your computer screen along with details such as where exactly the train is, when will it arrive or depart from a particular station, and whether the train is running as per scheduled time or get delayed. Passengers can check the train running status of any train from their desktop, smartphone, and tablet using this enquiry page, as it's compatible on all platforms and devices. Indian Train, helps millions of passengers daily to plan their journey hassle-free by live train status enquiry.

Which date should I select while checking train running status?

While checking the train running status, you should select the day or date on which it departs from its source station. For example, if a train is departed on Monday (day 1) from its source station and reached the destination on Wednesday (3rd day), then you should select the day on which it has departed from the source station and that is Monday.

How does the train running status work?

Nowadays most train is equipped with GPS, so with the help of live train status functionality, we come to know the train's exact location, expected platform, its delay status, and various other useful information.

If live train status shows the train is canceled then how do I get a refund?

In case of cancellation of trains:

  • In the case of I-tickets, you can cancel the ticket up to 72 hours after the scheduled departure of the train from its source station at any PRS counter.
  • In the case of E-tickets, an automatic refund is granted. Hence, filing TDR is not necessary.

Why platform number isn't available for all stations?

Station Master decides platform number based on the train already arrived on station, but sometimes due to overcrowding of trains which are running late and arriving late at the station, platform number isn't get updated in the railway system and that's why you didn't get it while checking train running status. Anyway, this facility is not available to smaller stations, as for now, it is only available for major Junctions.