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Train Seat Availability FAQs

What is train seat availability?

Train seat availability refers to the number of unreserved seats available in a particular class of a train. It may vary as per the class and quota you choose for booking your tickets. Checking seat availability helps you to know whether unreserved seats are available in your preferred class or already booked. It also predicts the possibility of confirmation of your tickets as per the journey date and waitlisted passengers.

How to check the train seat availability?

If you want to check the seat availability of any long-distance train run by an Indian railway, simply enter the train name or number in the search box and hit the "Get Availability". Your enquired train's berth availability will be displayed on your screen and on clicking "load more" you will get to know further train seat availability.

Can I get the seat availability of all available classes on a train?

You will get the seat availability of all classes available in a particular train, except general as this class doesn't have a reservation facility, you can get the general ticket directly from the counter on your journey date.

What is current seat availability and how can I book a ticket under current availability?

Current seat availability refers to the availability of unreserved seats after chart preparation. Sometimes seats remain vacant even after chart preparation, which can be reserved under current availability on PRS counters as well as online through the IRCTC website. While checking train seat availability, these are shown with the prefix CURR_AVL. No waiting list tickets are issued current berth availability.

How to check seat availability under the tatkal quota?

When checking train seat availability on Indian Train change the quota from general to tatkal and then press the "Go" button. After that, tatkal seat availability will be displayed on your screen. Tatkal tickets can be booked 24 hours prior to the journey date.

Is Indian Railway seat availability change later?

Yes, train berth availability might change from CNF to RAC or Waitlisted if passengers keep booking tickets for a particular journey date. On the other hand, it can move from Waitlisted to RAC to CNF if a passenger with the confirmed ticket will cancel their tickets.

What does GNWL120/WL50 mean?

GNWL120 means general waiting list 120 and WL50 means waiting-list 50 i.e. when you have booked the ticket the number of waitlisted tickets sold at that time was 120 but 50 people had already canceled their ticket. It means your train ticket will be confirmed after 70 passengers (120-50=70); who have booked their tickets before you, will cancel their tickets.

What does RAC mean?

RAC refers to "Reservation against Cancellation". If a passenger has a RAC ticket, it means the passenger has to satisfy with the sitting facility, as he will not get a full seat. He will be given a half seat of side lower berth where he can sit. One can get a confirmed seat if passengers having a confirmed ticket will cancel their tickets. RAC ticket issued neither for trains having only chair car nor for tatkal quota.

Why does Indian railway show REGRET status?

Regret refers to no further booking allowed for a given date in a particular train due to the high number of waitlisted tickets issued. Passenger cannot book a ticket on a specified date if he gets regret status while checking train seat availability.

How early can I reserve a train ticket?

The advance-booking period for a train ticket is 120 days.

Why I cannot find the class of my choice on a train?

This means that the train does not have that class. You need to choose another class or try an alternate train, which has that class.

What can I do if seats are not available on my preferred train?

If there are no seats available on your preferred train, you can do the following:

  • Change your preferred class and go for another one.
  • If possible, look for the previous or next date.
  • Try to change your boarding point, as there are different quotas for different stations.

What are the abbreviations that we should know when checking seat availability?

Abbreviations used in seat availability
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL Waiting List
CK Tatkal Quota
REGRET/WL No More Booking Allowed/Permitted
CKWL Tatkal Waiting List
PQWL Pooled Quota Waiting List
GNWL General Waiting List
RLWL Remote Location Waiting List