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Platform Locator FAQs

What does the platform locator do?

Platform Locator helps passengers to know the exact platform number on which desired train usually arrives based on the information of the previous history. This is among one of the fastest and reliable ways to get correct information of platform number on which train arrives.

How do I find the platform number at which my train is expected to arrive?

If you want to know on which platform your train arrives, all you need to do is enter the train name or number in the input box and select the station from the dropdown for which you need to enquire then hit the "Get Platform No." button. By doing so, the platform number will be displayed along with the details such as arrival departure timing of train on that station, zone, and address of that station. Apart from online platform enquiry, you can also enquire for platform no. at railway enquiry counter or from the local coolies/hawkers who are there at the platforms regularly.

Is the platform number displayed always correct?

Most of the time platform information served by Indian Train is correct but sometimes due to the last-minute change of platform by station master its information gets compromised. As we all know, the platform number isn't declared in advance and it's decided by the station master before an hour. However, sometimes due to overcrowding of trains on the station they change the platform no. without any prior notice. Platform Locator shows the platform no. based on the available arrival departure history of the train, so to avoid the last-minute hassle you just need to confirm platform no. from the railway enquiry counter or from the local coolies/hawkers.