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Railway Station FAQs

What is the importance of station code?

Station code is an abbreviated form of the station name. These codes are necessary when searching trains running between two stations on railway enquiry portals or booking a ticket through IRCTC where you need to enter the railway station code. The knowledge of station codes excludes the possibility of confusion in similar-sounding station names such as Kalyan junction (KYN) and Kalyani (KYI). Hence, the knowledge of station codes is very important to avoid any sort of mistake when booking tickets.

How do I get railway station details and trains which pass through that station?

It's not a big deal, just type the station code or station name in the above search box and click on "Get Details". By doing so, the station name, code, address, and the zone in which it falls will get displayed on your device screen along with Google Map which gives you a fair idea of where the station is located. Also, you will get the list of trains passing through this station along with its train name, number, arrival departure time, days on which it runs, etc.

When will be the station enquiry feature mainly useful to me?

Due to some inevitable circumstances sometimes, we need to leave for certain place instantly. In that case, it will help to know the trains that pass through or start from that railway station and you can catch the train, which suits your schedule.

Where can I find the station code in the station's detail?

The railway station code is mentioned along with the name of each station in a separate column.

Can I get the full schedule of a train from the station enquiry?

Yes, along with station details, you will get the list of the trains that starts or passes through or end at a particular railway station. By clicking on the train name/number, you can get the schedule of the train.

How can I obtain tickets for MEMU, DEMU, and Passenger trains online?

There is not any online facility to reserve a ticket for MEMU, DEMU, and Passenger trains. You can get a ticket for this type of train at the railway booking counter.

Will I also get halt duration and platform number in the trains list?

Yes, Indian Train shows all the essential information like arrival and departure time, halt duration, running days, available classes, and platform number for each train listed over here.