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What is Indian Train?

Indian Train is the one-stop solution for all train-related queries, for the users who love to travel across India by train. One can search for train running between stations to get to know available unreserved seats and the schedule of that trains, which helps passengers in planning their journey more efficiently. Indian Train predicts the chance of confirmation of your waitlisted ticket based on the previous history. These are a few services which we have put forth, there are a lot more to go. IndianTrain is equipped with all the train enquiry services and data that travelers needed; it helps them with the information they are looking for.

Why Choose Indian Train?

Indian Train provides a one-stop solution for the diverse needs of every train passenger. We have created this to serve every Indian Railway passenger by empowering them with the required information. It is one of the most preferred railway enquiry website due to its high data accuracy and user-friendliness interface. Also, its android and IOS app is the most high-rated app in Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

Here's a glimpse of why one should choose Indian Train:

  • Live PNR Status of the ticket along with other required details.
  • Live Train Running Status to get the exact location of a train with the help of an advanced GPS Tracking mechanism.
  • Time table of trains with their updated schedule.
  • Seat availability to find out available unreserved seats.
  • Fare of available classes in train.
  • List of trains running between two stations.
  • Coach position of the train.
  • Platform Locator to know the platform number on which your train arrives.

What are services offered by Indian Train?

Services offered by Indian Train are PNR status, live train status, seat availability, trains between stations, train time table, live station, train coach position, train fare, platform locator, cancelled, rescheduled, diverted, and fog affected trains.

1. How can I check PNR status?

When you reserve a railway ticket, you will get a 10-digit PNR number printed on top of the ticket. PNR is very useful in case your ticket is waitlisted, with the help you this unique number you can check the status of your reservation on the PNR Status enquiry page.

3. How can I check train running status?

Train Running Status helps you to know the exact location of your train with the help of available GPS tracking technology. You will get to know whether your train is running as per the scheduled arrival time as given in the railway ticket or get delayed due to some technical issues or natural calamities. If you don't want to sit and wait for hours in case the train gets delayed then don't forget to check Train Running Status before leaving for stations.

2. How can I check train time table?

Train Time Table gives you the schedule of any Train runs by Indian railways, which includes its arrival time, departure time, halt time, available classes, and running days. You can check the schedule of the desired train on the Train Time Table enquiry page.

4. How can I check train seat availability?

Checking Seat Availability helps you to know the number of unreserved seats available in the class of your choice. So, before planning your journey you must find out whether seats are already booked or still available on your desired train, to enquire that you need to go to the Train Seat Availability enquiry page.

5. How can I check train fare?

Train Fare is the travelling charge that you pay to the railway while purchasing the ticket. It varies from class to class, that's why passengers must have accurate information of fare before going for reservation and for that you just need to go to the Train Fare enquiry page.

6. How can I check train coach position?

Train Coach Position helps to know on which platform your train arrives and at which indicator number your coach will come, this number is orderly mentioned on the platform indicators, you just need to stand below that indicator. It will help you to avoid running from here and there to catch the train. To enquire go to the Train Coach Position.

7. How to do platform number enquiry?

Platform number is not mentioned in train ticket as it's gets decided after chart preparation; that's why we are unaware of the platform on which our train arrives. But, with the help of Platform Locator, we get to know the expected platform number of our train based on the previous history.

8. How can I check trains between stations?

Checking trains between any of two stations give you the list of trains which run in-between these 2 stations. This opens numerous doors for you in getting a confirmed ticket in a suited train. For getting a train list simply visit, Trains between Stations page.

9. How can I see live station status?

If you want to know the number of trains passing through a particular station in the next 2 or 4 hours then simply go to the Live Station Status enquiry page.

10. How to get railway station details?

Railway station enquiry gives you the accurate name, code, zone, address, and the number of trains that arrive and depart from that station. To enquire just visit Railway Station Enquiry page.

11. How does the ticket date calculator work?

India Railway lets you reserve a normal ticket 120 days before the journey date, in order to know the correct date and time of opening day booking you need to take the help of the Ticket Date Calculator.

12. How can I get an exceptional trains list?

The train gets cancelled in some inevitable circumstances such as bad weather, flood, landslide, strike, signal failure, and so on. You should always check to find out whether your train is on this list to avoid unnecessary hassle at the station. Below we have mentioned the services on which you can enquire about your train's status.