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Indian railways partially cancels several trains for some stations due to technical issues or natural calamities. On this web page, you will get list of all trains that are cancelled for some portion of its route.

Complete list of partially cancelled trains which are not running in a part of the route on 2024-05-28

Partially Cancelled Trains FAQs

What do you mean by a partially cancelled train?

It means that either train is not going to start its journey from the source station or it will not reach its destination station. In simple terms train which won't complete its full journey is called a partially cancelled train. This happens only in emergency situations like technical faults, accidents, natural disasters, thunderstorms, strikes, and many more.

Let’s say, a train starts its journey for Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Lucknow Junction but some technical issue or natural calamities occurs during its running and due to that train is running late for more than acceptable time and somehow it's not possible to cancel train, in that case, it will be given halt to Orai or Kanpur Ctrl or any nearby major station and it will not be allowed to reach the destination that's why it's partially cancelled to maintain time.

What is the refund rule for partially cancelled trains?

If the Indian railway fails to make alternate arrangements or the passenger is not willing to make use of alternate arrangements provided by the railway, in both cases full fare for the untraveled portion after retaining fare for the traveled portion will be refunded to the passenger.