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Train Time Table FAQs

What is the train time table?

Train time table is the running schedule of any local or long-distance train. It contains train timing from its source, destination, and intermediate station. Also shows halt timing at the particular stoppage, running days, available classes, number of days it takes during the journey, and so on.

How to check the train time table?

  • Enter either train name or number in the search box, select your train from suggested options in drop-down then hit the "Get Schedule".
  • On doing so, your train route will be displayed along with the information such as station name and station code, departure and arrival time, halt time, available classes, train type, the day it runs, and the number of days it takes to reach the destination.

What's the use of the Indian railway time table?

Towards the end of the 1860s, the situation became more confusing due to networks linked up. In 1980, to eradicate this issue madras time has adopted to regulate railway time. The motive was quite clear; it has done just to make sure that no two trains from the same or opposite direction reached the same platform at the same time. With the help of the train time table, you will have the full information of the current schedule of any train runs across India.

What are the factors that may affect the train schedule?

There are various causes, which may affect the Indian railway train time table. The train may be delayed or canceled during winter due to fog and monsoon due to heavy rainfall. Rather than this, maintenance of railway tracks, accidents in route, strikes and so many other factors affect train schedule.

Why expected platform and coach position considered key information for arrivals in the train schedule?

If you are aware of the expected platform then you will be on the right platform before the train arrives otherwise you will have to run with your luggage and kids to the right platform. Likewise, if you know your coach position then you will stand In front of your couch rather than any other to avoid last-minute hassles. This information is quite useful for a pleasant journey. Hence, train schedule is considered as quite useful information.

Is there any possibility that the train timetable might change after booking a railway ticket?

Generally, the train route for most of the local or long-distance trains remains the same but under some unavoidable circumstances, it might change. Therefore, the passenger should not rely on the departure time printed on the railway ticket and should check for the live train timetable on Indian Train before leaving for the station.

What to do, if a train canceled for my boarding station?

The train might be diverted or canceled for a few stations under some inevitable circumstances such as signaling problems, accidents en-route, riots, unscheduled maintenance of railway tracks, and natural calamities like floods. Passengers may claim a refund if the train has been canceled for their boarding point.

Can I get to know the platform number at which my train usually arrives?

While checking the train time table on Indian Train along with other information you will also get to know the platform number from which particular train usually departs and arrives. Platform number would be mentioned next to every station where the train halts.