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What is train fare and why it is important to check?

The fare which is charged for itinerary by train is called train fare. Indian railway is the cheapest mode of transportation as compare to others but its fare prices fluctuate time to time, that's why passenger need to check fare before booking railway ticket.

How to do train fare enquiry?

If you want to check fare of any train runs by Indian Railways, just type train name or number in the search box and hit the "Get Fare" button. On doing so, it will show the fare of all the available classes in that train. To know the fare of different pair of stations, passenger can select their desired source and destination from dropdown and get the fare.

How to avail concession in train ticket fare?

There are numerous of concessions available to passengers on train fare. It is dispensed as per the category of passengers. Any person who falls in Disabled, Patients, Senior Citizens, Awardees, War Widows, Students, Youths, Kisans, Artists and Sports persons, Medical Professionals category can avail the benefit of concession.

How is train fare calculated in Indian Railways?

Train fare is calculated as per the kilometer it runs which varies from class to class. It includes various charges which altogether constitutes total fare. This is how fare is calculated, Base Fare + Reservation Charges + Superfast Charges + Fuel Amount + Total Concession + Tatkal Charges + Goods Service Tax + Other Charges + Catering Charge + Dynamic Fare + WP Service Tax = Total Fare.

Base Fare: This is decided by the Indian Railways depending on the class of travel.

How much concession offered by Indian Railways and IRCTC on train fare?

  • Disabled: 25-50%
  • Patients: 50-100%
  • Senior Citizens: 40-50%
  • Awardees: 50-75%
  • War Widows: 75%
  • Students: 25 - 75%
  • Youths: 40-100%
  • Kisans: 25-50%
  • Artists and Sportspersons: 50-75%
  • Medical Professionals: 10-25%
  • Izzat MST: 25%

How does dynamic fare work?

Dynamic fare pricing system is totally based on demand and supply, as the demand increases price also increases. That means cost of fare increases as the number of tickets sold increases. Flexi fare system is applicable for premium special train like Rajdhani, Duronto, Jan Shatabdi and Shatabdi. First 10% tickets are sold at base fare but later on it will increases by 10% with every 10% of tickets sold. This goes till 50% and after that rest of the tickets sold at 1.5 times of the base fare. For 2S, SL, CC and 2A class, fare increases between 1X to 1.5X whereas for 3A class remains between 1X to 1.4X. This pricing system doesn't applicable for 1AC and EC classes as it is sold on base fare only.

X = Base Fare

What is bulk/group booking?

In case you require to book ticket in excess above the normal limit of 6 passengers then you need to contact the controlling officer of respective reservation office for permission in order to book ticket for more passengers in a group. At the present, reservation up to 50 passengers is granted by CRS (Chief Reservation Supervisor). For up to 100 passengers, reservation is granted by Area Manager/ACM/ ATM/SM. For more than 100 passengers, the authority to permit bulk or group booking is the hands of Sr. DCM/DCM/DTM/Area Manager.

What is advance booking?

Advance reservation period for booking train ticket is 120 days excluding the date of journey. There will be no change in the case of certain day time Express trains like Taj Express, Gomti Express, Special trains etc., where advance reservation period still remains less which varies from 10 to 60 days.

What is circular ticket?

If you wish to go on round trip covering many destinations, in that case you can avail circular tickets offered by Indian railway. It offers you the exclusive flexibility as they are issued for all journeys which commences and completes at the same station. It can be issued for all the classes available in a train. Before issuing circular journey ticket, the passenger asked for name of stations where he wants to break the journey as maximum 8 break of journey will be permissible excluding source and destination station.