About Us

Travel has become a necessary routine in our lives and exploring the untrodden paths of the vast country like India is fun. Railways being the cheapest source of transport is preferred worldwide. Thanks to the contribution of Indian Railways for making train travel a safe, comfortable and convenient for the passengers to journey across the nation.

What makes us different from others?

Our Motto: Hassle free train travels

What fascinates us is the extensive network of railways spread across the nation, reaching remotest of the village. This sophisticated rail network serves approximately 24 million commuters daily. Leave alone the enquiries generated every single day to know about Train route, PNR Status, Live Train Status, etc. All of these travel enquiries and other relevant information need to be simplified for millions of passengers. Therefore, we decided to step in and do our bit! We aim to serve our passengers with simple yet detailed information that helps them while planning their itinerary, thus simplifying their train travels. We strive to be the fastest, mobile-friendly site with advanced user interface that solves your queries within a few seconds.

Aim: Offer Ease of Travel

We aim to simplify Indian Train Travels of the passengers with a complete guide of information helpful for them to make informed decisions. As an exclusive portal for information on Indian Railways, we endeavour to be one of the rich sources of insights and answers to all your train travel queries.

The Motive behind Starting IndianTrain

Indian Railways is one of the most preferred modes of transportation, yet we don't get enough information about it readily available. Even if there is any information available, it is scattered. So, we stepped in to collect the relevant details on Indian Railways and share them under one roof for the benefit of the passengers. We do not want to be any other train travel advisor, but a genuine guide to you throughout your journey by train

Information on which passengers can rely: Reliable information

IndianTrain.in aims to work in sync with the needs of its commuters. It regularly updates features that simplify their travel. There are a lot of apps and websites, which work in the same manner. Then Why US? Read below to know what makes us stand apart from the crowd.

We keep our website up-to-date with the following information to serve our passengers:

  • PNR status information with prediction of chances confirmation.
  • Live Train Status with real time GPS Tracking System for current location of train.
  • Live Timetable of trains, incase railway updates train's schedule.
  • Get list of all trains, which runs, between any of two stations and choose train that suits your schedule.
  • If you want to avoid last minutes hassle then platform locator helps you to know the platform number on which your train usually arrives.
  • In case of emergency live station, give you the information of all trains passes through particular station in next 2 or 4 hours.
  • IndianTrain also serve daily commuters with all the information of Local, DEMU, and MEMU.
  • There are a lot more that we offer; so stay connected with IndianTrain to take advantage of our services.

IndianTrain is your perfect travel guide for all the knowledge you need to travel by Indian Railways with ease. You can also say it's a complete hub for all your travel related queries that simplifies your journey.