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22119 Mumbai CSMT - Karmali Tejas Express Tejas CR CSMT 05:50 KRMI 14:00 8h 10m S - T W - F S 552 km 68 km/hr CC | EC
22120 Karmali - Mumbai CSMT Tejas Express Tejas CR KRMI 14:40 CSMT 23:15 8h 35m S - T W - F S 552 km 64 km/hr CC | EC
22672 Madurai - Chennai Egmore Tejas Express Tejas SR MDU 15:00 MS 21:30 6h 30m S M T W - F S 493 km 76 km/hr CC | EC
22671 Chennai Egmore - Madurai Tejas Express Tejas SR MS 06:00 MDU 12:30 6h 30m S M T W - F S 493 km 76 km/hr CC | EC
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Tejas Express FAQs

What are the Tejas Express Trains?

The Tejas Express is India's 1st full AC semi high-speed train with modern onboard facilities like automatic doors systems, odor control systems, sensor-based water taps, bio-toilets, WiFi, tea and coffee machines, magazines, snack tables, CCTV cameras, fire, and smoke detection system, magazines and so on. Its fare is 20-30% higher than the Shatabdi fare. Tejas is among the list of fastest trains along with other trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Train 18, and Duronto. These trains get the highest priority on the railway network over others.

Which was the first Tejas Express Train and when was it introduced?

The first Tejas train was "22119 Mumbai CSMT - Karmali Tejas Express" started on 22 May 2017, between Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Karmali (Goa), which covers the distance of 2285 km in just 37 hours.

What are the classes available in Tejas Trains?

The classes of travel available in Tejas Trains are AC Chair Car (CC), and Executive Chair Car (EC).

What is the average and max speed of Tejas Express?

Tejas Express runs on an average speed of 65 km/h and its max permissible speed is 130 km/h.

How many Tejas Express trains are running?

Total 4 Tejas Express trains are running.

Which is the popular Tejas Train?

The name, number, and schedule of all popular Tejas Trains are already mentioned above, so just use the search box to find the desired train. If you want to get route details of any Tejas Trains, then click on the train number present in the train list.