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22701 Visakhapatnam - Vijayawada UDAY Express Uday ECoR VSKP 05:45 BZA 11:15 5h 30m - M T W - F S 350 km 64 km/hr CC
22702 Vijayawada - Visakhapatnam UDAY Express Uday ECoR BZA 17:30 VSKP 23:00 5h 30m - M T W - F S 350 km 64 km/hr CC
22666 Coimbatore - KSR Bengaluru UDAY Express Uday SR CBE 05:45 SBC 12:40 6h 55m S M T - T F S 419 km 61 km/hr 2S | CC
22665 KSR Bengaluru - Coimbatore UDAY Express Uday SR SBC 14:15 CBE 21:00 6h 45m S M T - T F S 419 km 62 km/hr 2S | CC
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Uday Express FAQs

What are the UDAY Express Trains?

UDAY Express also called Utkrisht Double-Decker AC Yatri Express are fully Double-Decker AC chair car trains designed and operated by Indian Railways. The exterior color scheme of coaches is quite similar to Tejas Express. Uday Express is the preferred train service for business travelers. It will serve the busiest routes and increase the seating capacity of passengers by 40%. These trains have seating arrangements for 120 passengers per bogie in comparison to Shatabdi Trains which only have 78 seats.

Which was the first UDAY Express Train and when was it introduced?

The first Uday Train "22666 Coimbatore - KSR Bengaluru UDAY Express" started on 10th June 2018, between Coimbatore Junction and Bangalore, which covers the distance of 419 km in just 6 hours 45 minutes.

What is the average and max speed of UDAY Express?

UDAY Express runs on an average speed of 62 km/h and its max permissible speed is 110 km/h.

What are the classes available in UDAY Express?

The class of travel available in UDAY Express is AC Chair Car (CC).

How many UDAY Express trains are running?

Total 4 UDAY Express trains are running.

Which is the popular UDAY Train?

The name, number, and schedule of all popular UDAY Trains are already mentioned above, so just use the search box to find the desired train. If you want to get route details of any UDAY Trains, then click on the train number present in the train list.