51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) Train Time Table

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Updated: Jul 01 2019 (12:43)

Train : 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved)Dep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN Type : PassengerHalt : 40 halts Duration : 10h 10m

From : STADeparture : 11:10 To : ET Arrival : 21:20 Zone : WCR

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 434 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Satna Jn (STA)11:10 10.077WCR3Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Lagargawan (LGCE)11:1911:201m 111.664WCR--Lagargawan, Madhya Pradesh
Unchhera (UHR)11:2911:301m 121.172WCR--Pincode-485661., Madhya Pradesh
Maihar (MYR)11:4211:442m 135.562WCR2,3Pin Code:- 485771, Madhya Pradesh
Bhadanpur (BUU)11:5711:581m 148.969WCR--National Highway 7, Madhya Pradesh
Amdara (UDR)12:0912:101m 161.665WCR--National Highway 34, Madhya Pradesh
Pakaria Road (PKRD)12:1912:201m 171.265WCR--Pakariya Road, Madhya Pradesh
Jukehi (JKE)12:2912:301m 181.055WCR2Jhukehi Pin:485773, Madhya Pradesh
Patwara (PTWA)12:3912:401m 189.315WCR--Distric Katni, Madhya Pradesh
Katni Jn (KTE)13:1713:203m 198.423WCR4Katni (M.P.) 483501, Madhya Pradesh
Madhavnagar Road (MDRR)13:3413:351m 1103.748WCR2Katni (M.P.) 483504, Madhya Pradesh
Niwar (NWR)13:4513:461m 1111.752WCR1483442, Madhya Pradesh
Sansarpur (SNRR)13:5513:561m 1119.4137WCR2National Highway 7, Madhya Pradesh
Sleemanabad Road (SBD)13:5914:001m 1126.348WCR2Distt - Katni (M.P.), Madhya Pradesh
Dundi (DDCE)14:1214:131m 1135.890WCR1Dundi, Madhya Pradesh
Sihora Road (SHR)14:2314:252m 1150.837WCR2Jabalpur (M.P.) 483225, Madhya Pradesh
Gosalpur (GSPR)14:4314:441m 1161.890WCR1Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Deori (DOE)14:5114:521m 1172.459WCR2Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Adhartal (ADTL)15:0115:021m 1181.217WCR1Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Jn (JBP)15:3015:355m 1189.226WCR1,2Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Madan Mahal (MML)15:4315:452m 1192.656WCR1482002, Madhya Pradesh
Bheraghat (BRGT)15:5916:001m 1205.887WCR1Dis. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Bhitoni (BHTN)16:0916:101m 1218.977WCR1Shahpura Dis.- Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Bikrampur (BMR)16:1916:201m 1230.588WCR1Dist Narsingpur., Madhya Pradesh
Shridham (SRID)16:2816:302m 1242.266WCR3Dist.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Karak Bel (KKB)16:4416:451m 1257.719WCR2Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Belkhera (BELD)16:5917:001m 1262.137WCR1Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Ghatpindrai (GPC)17:0917:101m 1267.619WCR1Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Narsinghpur (NU)17:2817:302m 1273.473WCR2Narsinghapur, Madhya Pradesh
Kareli (KY)17:4317:452m 1289.249WCR2Distt.-Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Bohani (BNE)18:0418:051m 1304.860WCR1Dis.-Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Gadarwara (GAR)18:1818:202m 1317.860WCR2Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Salichauka Road (SCKR)18:3418:351m 1331.668WCR1Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Junehta (JHT)18:4418:451m 1341.843WCR--Dis.-Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Bankhedi (BKH)18:5418:551m 1348.286WCR1Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Pipariya (PPI)19:0819:102m 1366.938WCR2,3Pin - 461775, Madhya Pradesh
Sohagpur (SGP)19:3819:402m 1384.866WCR1Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Guramkhedi (GMD)19:4919:501m 1394.746WCR2Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Bagratawa (BGTA)20:0720:081m 1407.932WCR2Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Sontalai (SQL)20:2120:221m 1414.832WCR1Dis.-Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Gurra (GRO)20:3920:401m 1423.816WCR1Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Itarsi Jn (ET)21:20 1434.4-WCR6District Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) time table?

If you want to check 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 51672 timetable?

It is important to check 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved)?

Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) train number is 51672.

What are the 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) running days?

The 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between Satna Jn (STA) and Itarsi Jn (ET) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved)?

Class of travel available in Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) is General.

What is the time of departure of 51672 from the source station?

The 51672 departs from its source station Itarsi Jn (ET) at 11:10.

How much distance does Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) cover?

Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) covers a total distance of 434 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 51672 to reach the destination?

The 51672 takes 10h 10m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) and at what time does it arrive?

The 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) reaches its destination station Itarsi Jn at 21:20 .

How many stoppages 51672 has between Satna Jn and Itarsi Jn?

The 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) has 41 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) take to reach Itarsi Jn Railway Station?

The 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) Express reach on day 1 at 21:20 to the Itarsi Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) usually arrives at STA and ET?

Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) arrives on platform number 3 at Satna Jn (STA) and platform number 3 at Itarsi Jn (ET).

How many major stations 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) crosses?

The 51672 Satna - Itarsi Passenger (UnReserved) passes by 41 major stations which are Satna Jn (STA), Lagargawan (LGCE), Unchhera (UHR), Maihar (MYR), Bhadanpur (BUU), Amdara (UDR), Pakaria Road (PKRD), Jukehi (JKE), Patwara (PTWA), Katni Jn (KTE), Madhavnagar Road (MDRR), Niwar (NWR), Sansarpur (SNRR), Sleemanabad Road (SBD), Dundi (DDCE), Sihora Road (SHR), Gosalpur (GSPR), Deori (DOE), Adhartal (ADTL), Jabalpur Jn (JBP), Madan Mahal (MML), Bheraghat (BRGT), Bhitoni (BHTN), Bikrampur (BMR), Shridham (SRID), Karak Bel (KKB), Belkhera (BELD), Ghatpindrai (GPC), Narsinghpur (NU), Kareli (KY), Bohani (BNE), Gadarwara (GAR), Salichauka Road (SCKR), Junehta (JHT), Bankhedi (BKH), Pipariya (PPI), Sohagpur (SGP), Guramkhedi (GMD), Bagratawa (BGTA), Sontalai (SQL), Gurra (GRO), Itarsi Jn (ET).