55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) Train Time Table

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Updated: Feb 24 2020 (18:09)

Train : 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved)Dep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN Type : PassengerHalt : 53 halts Duration : 11h 55m

From : DALDeparture : 17:25 To : JEA Arrival : 05:20 +1 night Zone : NER

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 334 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
DaliGanj Jn (DAL)17:25 10.042NER--Pin - 226020, Uttar Pradesh
Badshahnagar (BNZ)17:3117:332m 14.237NER1Uttar Pradesh 226006, Uttar Pradesh
Gomti Nagar (GTNR)17:4017:422m 18.516NER1Uttar Pradesh 226010, Uttar Pradesh
Malhaur (ML)17:5717:581m 112.554NR3Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Jugaur (JRR)18:0418:051m 117.933NR1Canal Rd Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Safedabad (SFH)18:1118:121m 121.240NR2Pincode-225003., Uttar Pradesh
Barabanki Jn (BBK)18:2318:252m 128.681NR4NH-28 Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh
Jahangirabad Raj (JBR)18:3118:332m 136.749NER--Pincode-225203, Uttar Pradesh
Rafinagar (RFR)18:4018:411m 142.554NER--barabanki, Uttar Pradesh
Bindaura (BUR)18:4518:472m 146.158NER1Pincode-225204., Uttar Pradesh
Burhwal Jn (BUW)18:5718:592m 155.862NER1Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh
Chowka Ghat (CKG)19:0519:072m 162.055NER1Pincode-225207., Uttar Pradesh
Ghaghara Ghat (GHT)19:1319:152m 167.552NER1Pincode-271901., Uttar Pradesh
Jarwal Road (JLD)19:2019:222m 171.871NER2Pincode-271901., Uttar Pradesh
Sarju (SUJ)19:3019:322m 181.342NER--Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
ColonelGanj (CLJ)19:4319:452m 189.039NER2Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Kasturi (KSR)19:5419:551m 194.829NER2kasturi Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Maijapur (MIR)20:0620:082m 1100.149NER2Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Kathola (KTHL)20:1620:171m 1106.613NER--Gonda Pin - 271125, Uttar Pradesh
Gonda Kachahri (GDK)20:4620:482m 1113.07NER2Gonda-271001, Uttar Pradesh
Gonda Jn (GD)21:3022:4575m 1117.830NER3Gonda 271002, Uttar Pradesh
Subhagpur (SUBR)22:5823:002m 1124.335NER--Pin - 271002, Uttar Pradesh
Intiyathok (ITE)23:2623:282m 1139.436NER--Pin - 271202, Uttar Pradesh
Bhawanipur Kalan (BWP)23:4123:421m 1147.358NER1Pin - 271202, Uttar Pradesh
Balrampur (BLP)23:5323:552m 1157.921NER--Pin - 271201, Uttar Pradesh
Jharkhandi (JKNI)00:0300:052m 2160.762NER1Pin - 271201, Uttar Pradesh
Gainjahwa (GAW)00:1200:142m 2168.063NER--Pin - 271201, Uttar Pradesh
Kauwapur (KPE)00:2200:242m 2176.446NER1Pin - 271208, Uttar Pradesh
Lakshmanpur Halt (LHNR)00:3000:311m 2181.0106NER1Pincode-271208., Uttar Pradesh
Tulsipur (TLR)00:3500:405m 2188.134NER1Pincode-271210., Uttar Pradesh
Laiburwa Halt (LBW)00:5000:511m 2193.851NER1Pin - 271210, Uttar Pradesh
Gainsari Jn (GIR)01:0001:022m 2201.570NER--Pin - 271210, Uttar Pradesh
Pachperwa (PPW)01:1001:122m 2210.855NER--Pin - 271206, Uttar Pradesh
Trilokpur (TPB)01:2001:211m 2218.141NER1Semari - Bisokhar Rd, Uttar Pradesh
Barhni (BNY)01:3301:352m 2226.371NER--Badhni, Uttar Pradesh
Mahadev Buzurg (MHBG)01:4001:411m 2232.243NER1Pincode-272201, Uttar Pradesh
Parsa (PRZ)01:5001:522m 2238.639NER--Pin - 272205, Uttar Pradesh
Mahtha Bazar (MHBZ)01:5902:001m 2243.147NER--Pin - 272205, Uttar Pradesh
Shohratgarh (SOT)02:0602:082m 2247.854NER--Pin - 272205, Uttar Pradesh
Chilhia (CIH)02:1502:172m 2254.143NER--Pin - 272204, Uttar Pradesh
Ahirauli (AHU)02:2602:271m 2260.550NER--Pin - 272207, Uttar Pradesh
Naugarh (NUH)02:3402:362m 2266.458NER--(Siddharth Nagar), Uttar Pradesh
Uska Bazar (UB)02:4602:482m 2276.062NER--Pin - 272208, Uttar Pradesh
Bridgemanganj (BMJ)02:5602:582m 2284.334NER1273157, Uttar Pradesh
Lehra (LER)03:0603:071m 2288.834NER1Pin - 273161, Uttar Pradesh
Anand Nagar Jn (ANDN)03:2303:252m 2297.821NER1Mahrajganj, Uttar Pradesh
Loharpurwa (LPW)03:3403:351m 2301.010NER1Pincode-273161, Uttar Pradesh
Campierganj (CM)03:5503:572m 2304.450NER--Pin - 273158, Uttar Pradesh
Ramchaura (RCRA)04:0304:041m 2309.336NER1Pin - 273158, Uttar Pradesh
Mahawan Khor Halt (MVKR)04:0804:091m 2311.736NER1Pin - 273165, Uttar Pradesh
Rawat Ganj (RJ)04:1304:141m 2314.123NER1Pincode-273165., Uttar Pradesh
Peppeganj (PJ)04:2204:242m 2317.244NER1Sahibganj (Gorakhpur), Uttar Pradesh
Kauriaa Jungle (JKI)04:3204:331m 2323.023NER1Distt:- Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
Maniram (MIM)04:4804:502m 2328.810NER1National Highway 29, Uttar Pradesh
Nakaha Jungle (JEA)05:20 2333.6-NER2Gorakhpur- 273007, Uttar Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) time table?

If you want to check 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 55032 timetable?

It is important to check 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved)?

DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) train number is 55032.

What are the 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) running days?

The 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between DaliGanj Jn (DAL) and Nakaha Jungle (JEA) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved)?

Class of travel available in DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) is General.

What is the time of departure of 55032 from the source station?

The 55032 departs from its source station Nakaha Jungle (JEA) at 17:25.

How much distance does DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) cover?

DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) covers a total distance of 334 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 55032 to reach the destination?

The 55032 takes 11h 55m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) and at what time does it arrive?

The 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) reaches its destination station Nakaha Jungle at 05:20 +1 night.

How many stoppages 55032 has between DaliGanj Jn and Nakaha Jungle?

The 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) has 54 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) take to reach Nakaha Jungle Railway Station?

The 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) Express reach on day 2 at 05:20 +1 night to the Nakaha Jungle Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) usually arrives at DAL and JEA?

DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) arrives on platform number -- at DaliGanj Jn (DAL) and platform number -- at Nakaha Jungle (JEA).

How many major stations 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) crosses?

The 55032 DaliGanj - Nakaha Jungle Passenger (UnReserved) passes by 54 major stations which are DaliGanj Jn (DAL), Badshahnagar (BNZ), Gomti Nagar (GTNR), Malhaur (ML), Jugaur (JRR), Safedabad (SFH), Barabanki Jn (BBK), Jahangirabad Raj (JBR), Rafinagar (RFR), Bindaura (BUR), Burhwal Jn (BUW), Chowka Ghat (CKG), Ghaghara Ghat (GHT), Jarwal Road (JLD), Sarju (SUJ), ColonelGanj (CLJ), Kasturi (KSR), Maijapur (MIR), Kathola (KTHL), Gonda Kachahri (GDK), Gonda Jn (GD), Subhagpur (SUBR), Intiyathok (ITE), Bhawanipur Kalan (BWP), Balrampur (BLP), Jharkhandi (JKNI), Gainjahwa (GAW), Kauwapur (KPE), Lakshmanpur Halt (LHNR), Tulsipur (TLR), Laiburwa Halt (LBW), Gainsari Jn (GIR), Pachperwa (PPW), Trilokpur (TPB), Barhni (BNY), Mahadev Buzurg (MHBG), Parsa (PRZ), Mahtha Bazar (MHBZ), Shohratgarh (SOT), Chilhia (CIH), Ahirauli (AHU), Naugarh (NUH), Uska Bazar (UB), Bridgemanganj (BMJ), Lehra (LER), Anand Nagar Jn (ANDN), Loharpurwa (LPW), Campierganj (CM), Ramchaura (RCRA), Mahawan Khor Halt (MVKR), Rawat Ganj (RJ), Peppeganj (PJ), Kauriaa Jungle (JKI), Maniram (MIM), Nakaha Jungle (JEA).