54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) Train Time Table

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Updated: Feb 25 2020 (18:53)

Train : 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved)Dep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN Type : PassengerHalt : 42 halts Duration : 12h 10m

From : PRYJDeparture : 06:05 To : JHS Arrival : 18:15 Zone : NCR

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 391 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ)06:05 10.024NCR--Prayagraj - 211003, Uttar Pradesh
Naini Jn (NYN)06:2306:252m 17.314NCR3Dist. Prayagraj 211008, Uttar Pradesh
Link Jn Cabin (LKJN)06:3106:321m 18.748NCR--Prayagraj PIN 211010, Uttar Pradesh
Iradatganj (IDGJ)06:4206:431m 116.846NCR2Prayagraj 212107, Uttar Pradesh
Jasra (JSR)06:5106:521m 123.043NCR2Pincode-212107., Uttar Pradesh
Madaraha (MFX)07:0007:011m 128.647NCR2Pincode-212107., Uttar Pradesh
Lohgara (LOG)07:0907:101m 134.959NCR2Pincode-212107., Uttar Pradesh
Shankargarh (SRJ)07:2007:211m 144.852NCR1Pincode-212108., Uttar Pradesh
Majhiari (MJHR)07:3207:331m 154.354NCR--Madhya Pradesh 486220, Madhya Pradesh
Bargarh (BRG)07:4107:421m 161.647NCR1Pincode-210208., Uttar Pradesh
Kataiya Dandi (KTDD)07:4907:501m 167.061NCR--Pincode-210208., Uttar Pradesh
Dabhaura (DBR)08:0008:011m 177.366NCR1Pincode-486556., Madhya Pradesh
Panhai (PNHI)08:1108:121m 188.27NCR--Pincode-210208., Uttar Pradesh
Manikpur Jn (MKP)09:5210:008m 199.836NCR4Pincode-210208., Uttar Pradesh
Ohan Cabin (OHAN)10:1010:111m 1105.851NCR1Ohan, Uttar Pradesh
Bahilpurwa (BIP)10:2110:221m 1114.266NCR1National Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
Khoh (KHOH)10:3210:331m 1125.247NCR1Karwi Dist; ChitraKoot, Uttar Pradesh
Chitrakutdham Karwi (CKTD)10:4010:455m 1130.658NCR2Karwi District; Chitrakoot (210205), Uttar Pradesh
Shivrampur (SWC)10:5410:551m 1139.351NCR1National Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
Bharat Kup (BTKP)11:0311:041m 1146.163NCR1Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh
Badausa (BUS)11:1611:171m 1158.759NCR1National Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
Atarra (ATE)11:2611:282m 1167.659NCR1Dist; Banda(05192-224813), Uttar Pradesh
Khurhand (KHU)11:4111:421m 1180.528NCR2Atarra, Uttar Pradesh
Dingwahi (DWI)12:0112:021m 1189.319NCR1Pin - 210120, Uttar Pradesh
Banda (BNDA)12:3512:438m 1199.664NCR1Banda(05192-224813), Uttar Pradesh
Khairar Jn (KID)12:5312:552m 1210.256NCR1Junction Point BNDA/JHS/BZM NH-76 Banda-210001, Uttar Pradesh
Mataundh (MTH)13:0513:061m 1219.580NCR1NH 35 Mataundh Dist. Banda-210001, Uttar Pradesh
Kabrai (KBR)13:1513:161m 1231.477NCR1Uttar Pradesh 210424, Uttar Pradesh
Baripura (BPRA)13:2513:261m 1243.019NCR1NH 34 Baripura Dist. Mahoba-210427, Uttar Pradesh
Mahoba Jn (MBA)13:5814:002m 1253.157NCR1Junction Point - Khajuraho, Uttar Pradesh
Charkhari Road (CRC)14:1114:121m 1263.555NCR1Charkhari 210427, Uttar Pradesh
Kulpahar (KLAR)14:2414:251m 1274.543NCR1Kulpahar, Uttar Pradesh
Bela Tal (BTX)14:3714:381m 1283.164NCR1Mahoba Distt., Uttar Pradesh
Ghutai (GTI)14:4914:501m 1294.965NCR1Kulpahar Sub District, Uttar Pradesh
Harpalpur (HPP)15:0015:022m 1305.835NCR1Dist - Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh
Rora (RORA)15:2115:221m 1317.041NCR1Rora Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
Mau Ranipur (MRPR)15:3615:371m 1326.568NCR1NH 75, Uttar Pradesh
Ranipur Road (RNRD)15:4615:471m 1336.747NCR1284205, Uttar Pradesh
Teharka (TKA)16:0116:021m 1347.625NCR1National Highway 75, Uttar Pradesh
Magarpur (MGRR)16:2116:221m 1355.517NCR1Mau Ranipur, Uttar Pradesh
Niwari (NEW)16:3616:371m 1359.640NCR1Dist. - Niwari, Madhya Pradesh
Barwa Sagar (BWR)16:5116:521m 1368.945NCR1Jhansi(0510-2440441), Uttar Pradesh
Orchha (ORC)17:0617:071m 1379.410NCR1Dist. - Niwari, Madhya Pradesh
Jhansi Jn (JHS)18:15 1390.6-NCR4Jhansi-284003 (Jn Point ;AGC/CNB/BPL/PRYJ), Uttar Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) time table?

If you want to check 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 54160 timetable?

It is important to check 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved)?

Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) train number is 54160.

What are the 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) running days?

The 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ) and Jhansi Jn (JHS) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved)?

Class of travel available in Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) is General.

What is the time of departure of 54160 from the source station?

The 54160 departs from its source station Jhansi Jn (JHS) at 06:05.

How much distance does Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) cover?

Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) covers a total distance of 391 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 54160 to reach the destination?

The 54160 takes 12h 10m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) and at what time does it arrive?

The 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) reaches its destination station Jhansi Jn at 18:15 .

How many stoppages 54160 has between Prayagraj Jn and Jhansi Jn?

The 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) has 43 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) take to reach Jhansi Jn Railway Station?

The 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) Express reach on day 1 at 18:15 to the Jhansi Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) usually arrives at PRYJ and JHS?

Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) arrives on platform number -- at Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ) and platform number -- at Jhansi Jn (JHS).

How many major stations 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) crosses?

The 54160 Prayagraj - Jhansi Passenger (UnReserved) passes by 43 major stations which are Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ), Naini Jn (NYN), Link Jn Cabin (LKJN), Iradatganj (IDGJ), Jasra (JSR), Madaraha (MFX), Lohgara (LOG), Shankargarh (SRJ), Majhiari (MJHR), Bargarh (BRG), Kataiya Dandi (KTDD), Dabhaura (DBR), Panhai (PNHI), Manikpur Jn (MKP), Ohan Cabin (OHAN), Bahilpurwa (BIP), Khoh (KHOH), Chitrakutdham Karwi (CKTD), Shivrampur (SWC), Bharat Kup (BTKP), Badausa (BUS), Atarra (ATE), Khurhand (KHU), Dingwahi (DWI), Banda (BNDA), Khairar Jn (KID), Mataundh (MTH), Kabrai (KBR), Baripura (BPRA), Mahoba Jn (MBA), Charkhari Road (CRC), Kulpahar (KLAR), Bela Tal (BTX), Ghutai (GTI), Harpalpur (HPP), Rora (RORA), Mau Ranipur (MRPR), Ranipur Road (RNRD), Teharka (TKA), Magarpur (MGRR), Niwari (NEW), Barwa Sagar (BWR), Orchha (ORC), Jhansi Jn (JHS).