53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) Train Time Table

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Updated: May 05 2020 (18:44)

Train : 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved)Dep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN Type : PassengerHalt : 112 halts Duration : 27h 15m

From : JYGDeparture : 19:45 To : HWH Arrival : 23:00 +1 night Zone : ER

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 720 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Jaynagar (JYG)19:45 10.051ECR1Pin - 847226, Bihar
Korahia (KRHA)19:5319:541m 16.845ECR1Pin - 847226, Bihar
Khajauli (KJI)20:0120:032m 112.045ECR1Khajauli 847228, Bihar
Lalit Lakshmipur (LLPR)20:1020:111m 117.340ECR1Madhubani, Bihar
Rajnagar (RJA)20:1720:192m 121.354ECR--Pin - 847236, Bihar
Madhubani (MBI)20:3020:333m 131.245ECR1Pin - 847211, Bihar
Pandaul (PDW)20:4520:472m 140.252ECR1PIN - 847234, Bihar
Ugna Halt (UGNA)20:5120:521m 143.733ECR1Ugna Halt, Bihar
Sakri Jn (SKI)21:0021:022m 148.253ECR--Pin - 847239, Bihar
Shaheed Suraj Narayan Singh Halt (SSNS)21:0621:071m 151.712ECR1Darbhanga, Bihar
Tarsarai (TRS)21:2221:242m 154.834ECR--Darbhanga, Bihar
Bijuli Halt (BJIH)21:3021:311m 158.247ECR1Darbhanga, Bihar
Kakarghatti (KKHT)21:3521:372m 161.317ECR1Bihar - 846007, Bihar
Darbhanga Jn (DBG)22:0022:1010m 167.736ECR1Tel; 06272-252527, Bihar
Laheria Sarai (LSI)22:1822:213m 172.655ECR1846001, Bihar
Thalwara (TLWA)22:2622:282m 177.226ECR1Pin - 846002, Bihar
Haiaghat (HYT)22:4222:442m 183.225ECR1Pin - 846002, Bihar
Rambhaddarpur (RBZ)22:5622:582m 188.256ECR1Pin - 848301, Bihar
Kishanpur (KSP)23:0523:072m 194.855ECR1Samastipur, Bihar
Muktapur (MKPR)23:1423:162m 1101.114ECR1Samastipur, Bihar
Samastipur Jn (SPJ)23:3323:4310m 1105.055ECR--848101, Bihar
Ujiarpur (UJP)23:5323:552m 1114.154ECR2Pin - 848132, Bihar
NazirGanj (NAZJ)00:0200:042m 2120.352ECR--Pin - 848114, Bihar
Dalsingh Sarai (DSS)00:1300:152m 2128.221ECR2Samastipur District. Phone No :- 06278-221238, Bihar
Sathajagat (STJT)00:2800:291m 2132.815ECR--Dist.-Begusarai, Bihar
Bachhwara Jn (BCA)00:5600:582m 2139.354ECR1Begusarai-851111, Bihar
Teghra (TGA)01:0801:091m 2148.229ECR1Begusarai, Bihar
Barauni Flag (BUJ)01:1901:201m 2153.05ECR1Distt; Begusarai 851113, Bihar
Barauni Jn (BJU)01:5502:0510m 2155.716ECR4,6District - Begusarai, Bihar
Rajendra Pul (RJO)02:4102:432m 2165.129ECR1Pin - 851126, Bihar
Hathidah Upper (HTZU)02:5002:522m 2168.427ECR1Pin - 803301, Bihar
Barhiya (BRYA)03:1403:162m 2178.540ECR1Pin - 811302, Bihar
Gangasarai Halt (GGSY)03:2003:211m 2181.125ECR--Pin - 811311, Bihar
Dumri Halt (DMRX)03:2503:261m 2182.833ECR1Pin:811302, Bihar
Dhiradar Jwas Halt (DJS)03:3203:331m 2186.127ECR--Pin - 811302, Bihar
Mankatha (MKB)03:3703:392m 2187.949ECR--National Highway 80, Bihar
Luckeesarai Jn (LKR)03:4603:482m 2193.62ECR1Lakhisarai-811311, Bihar
Kiul Jn (KIUL)04:3804:435m 2194.943ECR4Phone no. 06346-232028 ; Dist. Lakhisarai, Bihar
Dhanauri (DNRE)04:5104:521m 2200.653ER2811310, Bihar
Uren (UREN)04:5905:001m 2206.741ER2Pin - 811310, Bihar
Kajra (KJH)05:0605:071m 2210.847ER2Dist-lakhisarai, Bihar
Abhaipur (AHA)05:1605:171m 2217.942ER--Pin - 811112, Bihar
Masudan (MSDN)05:2305:241m 2222.152ER--Pin - 811112, Bihar
Dharhara (DRH)05:3105:321m 2228.141ER2Pin - 811212, Bihar
Dasharathpur (DRTP)05:4005:411m 2233.535ER2Pin - 811212, Bihar
Jamalpur Jn (JMP)05:5205:575m 2240.041ER1,3Dist:Munger, Bihar
Ratanpur (RPUR)06:0606:071m 2246.160ER1Pin code 811211, Bihar
Bariarpur (BUP)06:1206:131m 2251.135ER2Pin code-811211, Bihar
Kalyanpur Road (KPRD)06:2106:221m 2255.730ER--Pin - 811211, Bihar
Ganganiyan (GNNA)06:3406:351m 2261.8143ER--Pin - 811211, Bihar
SultanGanj (SGG)06:3806:435m 2268.958ER1Sultanganj ; Phone no.0641-2492026 ; Dist-Bhagalpur ; Pin - 813213, Bihar
Maheshi (MVV)06:4906:501m 2274.744ER--Distt :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Akbarnagar (AKN)06:5606:571m 2279.024ER--Dist :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Chhit Makandpur (CTMP)07:0607:071m 2282.633ER--Pincode - 812004, Bihar
Murarpur (MPY)07:1007:111m 2284.350ER--Pin - 813233, Bihar
Nathnagar (NAT)07:1707:181m 2289.218ER1Distt :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Bhagalpur Jn (BGP)07:3107:4110m 2293.150ER3Bhagalpur. Jn. Pt. JMP/TPH/BHLE, Bihar
Sabaur (SBO)07:5007:511m 2300.523ER1813210, Bihar
Lailakh Mamalkha (LMM)08:0808:091m 2307.146ER--Pin - 813210, Bihar
Ghogha (GGA)08:1708:181m 2313.347ER--Dist :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Ekchari (EKC)08:2508:261m 2318.823ER1Dist :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Kahalgaon (CLG)08:3708:381m 2323.034ER1Pin - 813204, Bihar
Bikramshila (BKSL)08:5208:531m 2331.126ER--813222, Bihar
Shivanarayanpur (SVRP)09:0109:021m 2334.553ER--Dist :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Pirpainti (PPT)09:1209:131m 2343.443ER--Pin - 813209, Bihar
Ammapali (AMPL)09:1909:201m 2347.750ER--Dist :- Bhagalpur, Bihar
Mirza Cheuki (MZC)09:2509:261m 2351.945ER3Pin - 813208, Jharkhand
Karamtola (KRMA)09:3409:351m 2357.912ER2Pincode - 816109, Jharkhand
Sahibganj (SBG)10:2010:4525m 2366.942ER1Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Sakrigali (SLJ)10:5610:571m 2374.741ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Maharajpur (MJP)11:0611:071m 2380.948ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Karanpurato (KPTO)11:1611:171m 2388.047ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Taljhari (TLJ)11:2611:271m 2395.048ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Kalian Chak (KXE)11:3311:341m 2399.948ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Tinpahar Jn (TPH)11:4011:411m 2404.744ER2Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Dhamdhamia (DDX)11:4811:491m 2409.944ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Bakudi (BKLE)11:5411:551m 2413.511ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Barharwa Jn (BHW)12:3712:425m 2421.329ER2Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Gumani (GMAN)12:5712:581m 2428.758ER--Dist - Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Kotalpukur (KLP)13:0513:061m 2435.465ER--Dist - Pakur, Jharkhand
Tilbhita (TBB)13:1313:141m 2443.044ER--Dist - Pakur, Jharkhand
Pakur (PKR)13:2013:255m 2447.466ER2Dist - Pakur, Jharkhand
Nagarnabi (NGF)13:3013:311m 2452.944ER1Dist - Pakur, Jharkhand
Rajgram (RJG)13:3813:391m 2458.067ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Banshlai Bridge (BSBR)13:4513:461m 2464.660ER--Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Murarai (MRR)13:5113:521m 2469.666ER--Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Chatra (CTR)13:5914:001m 2477.365ER--Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Nalhati Jn (NHT)14:0814:102m 2486.062ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Swadinpur (SDLE)14:1714:181m 2493.36ER--Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Rampurhat Jn (RPH)15:2515:4015m 2500.161ER1Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Tarapith Road (TPF)15:4715:481m 2507.254ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Mallarpur (MLV)15:5415:551m 2512.661ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Gadadharpur (GHLE)16:0316:041m 2520.754ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Sainthia Jn (SNT)16:1216:131m 2528.067ER4Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Bataspur (BSLE)16:2016:211m 2535.866ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Ahmadpur Jn (AMP)16:2616:271m 2541.28ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Kopai (KPLE)17:3217:331m 2550.148ER1Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Prantik (PNE)17:4117:421m 2556.581ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP)17:4517:483m 2560.646ER2Dist - Birbhum, West Bengal
Bhedia (BDH)17:5817:591m 2568.343ER2Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Pichkurirdhal (PCQ)18:0618:071m 2573.454ER2Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Guskara (GKH)18:1418:151m 2579.734ER1Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Noadar Dhal (NRX)18:2418:251m 2584.760ER1Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Banpas (BPS)18:3018:311m 2589.754ER1Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Jhapater Dhal (JTL)18:3718:381m 2595.04ER3Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Khana Jn (KAN)19:3819:391m 2599.471ER4Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Talit (TIT)19:4419:451m 2605.343ER--Dist - Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal
Barddhaman Jn (BWN)19:5520:1520m 2612.545ER6Dist- Purba Barddhaman, West Bengal
Bandel Jn (BDC)21:4521:505m 2680.032ER3Dist - Hooghly, West Bengal
Chuchura (CNS)21:5721:581m 2683.836ER1Dist - Hooghly, West Bengal
Chandan Nagar (CGR)22:0322:041m 2686.864ER1Dist - Hooghly, West Bengal
Seoraphuli Jn (SHE)22:1422:184m 2697.529ER6Pincode-712223, West Bengal
Shrirampur (SRP)22:2322:252m 2700.034ER1Dist - Hooghly, West Bengal
Howrah Jn (HWH)23:00 2719.6-ER1Dist - Howrah, West Bengal

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) time table?

If you want to check 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 53042 timetable?

It is important to check 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved)?

Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) train number is 53042.

What are the 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) running days?

The 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between Jaynagar (JYG) and Howrah Jn (HWH) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved)?

Class of travel available in Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) is General.

What is the time of departure of 53042 from the source station?

The 53042 departs from its source station Howrah Jn (HWH) at 19:45.

How much distance does Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) cover?

Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) covers a total distance of 720 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 53042 to reach the destination?

The 53042 takes 27h 15m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) and at what time does it arrive?

The 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) reaches its destination station Howrah Jn at 23:00 +1 night.

How many stoppages 53042 has between Jaynagar and Howrah Jn?

The 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) has 113 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) take to reach Howrah Jn Railway Station?

The 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) Express reach on day 2 at 23:00 +1 night to the Howrah Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) usually arrives at JYG and HWH?

Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) arrives on platform number 1 at Jaynagar (JYG) and platform number 1 at Howrah Jn (HWH).

How many major stations 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) crosses?

The 53042 Jaynagar - Howrah (Dhuliyan) Passenger (UnReserved) passes by 113 major stations which are Jaynagar (JYG), Korahia (KRHA), Khajauli (KJI), Lalit Lakshmipur (LLPR), Rajnagar (RJA), Madhubani (MBI), Pandaul (PDW), Ugna Halt (UGNA), Sakri Jn (SKI), Shaheed Suraj Narayan Singh Halt (SSNS), Tarsarai (TRS), Bijuli Halt (BJIH), Kakarghatti (KKHT), Darbhanga Jn (DBG), Laheria Sarai (LSI), Thalwara (TLWA), Haiaghat (HYT), Rambhaddarpur (RBZ), Kishanpur (KSP), Muktapur (MKPR), Samastipur Jn (SPJ), Ujiarpur (UJP), NazirGanj (NAZJ), Dalsingh Sarai (DSS), Sathajagat (STJT), Bachhwara Jn (BCA), Teghra (TGA), Barauni Flag (BUJ), Barauni Jn (BJU), Rajendra Pul (RJO), Hathidah Upper (HTZU), Barhiya (BRYA), Gangasarai Halt (GGSY), Dumri Halt (DMRX), Dhiradar Jwas Halt (DJS), Mankatha (MKB), Luckeesarai Jn (LKR), Kiul Jn (KIUL), Dhanauri (DNRE), Uren (UREN), Kajra (KJH), Abhaipur (AHA), Masudan (MSDN), Dharhara (DRH), Dasharathpur (DRTP), Jamalpur Jn (JMP), Ratanpur (RPUR), Bariarpur (BUP), Kalyanpur Road (KPRD), Ganganiyan (GNNA), SultanGanj (SGG), Maheshi (MVV), Akbarnagar (AKN), Chhit Makandpur (CTMP), Murarpur (MPY), Nathnagar (NAT), Bhagalpur Jn (BGP), Sabaur (SBO), Lailakh Mamalkha (LMM), Ghogha (GGA), Ekchari (EKC), Kahalgaon (CLG), Bikramshila (BKSL), Shivanarayanpur (SVRP), Pirpainti (PPT), Ammapali (AMPL), Mirza Cheuki (MZC), Karamtola (KRMA), Sahibganj (SBG), Sakrigali (SLJ), Maharajpur (MJP), Karanpurato (KPTO), Taljhari (TLJ), Kalian Chak (KXE), Tinpahar Jn (TPH), Dhamdhamia (DDX), Bakudi (BKLE), Barharwa Jn (BHW), Gumani (GMAN), Kotalpukur (KLP), Tilbhita (TBB), Pakur (PKR), Nagarnabi (NGF), Rajgram (RJG), Banshlai Bridge (BSBR), Murarai (MRR), Chatra (CTR), Nalhati Jn (NHT), Swadinpur (SDLE), Rampurhat Jn (RPH), Tarapith Road (TPF), Mallarpur (MLV), Gadadharpur (GHLE), Sainthia Jn (SNT), Bataspur (BSLE), Ahmadpur Jn (AMP), Kopai (KPLE), Prantik (PNE), Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP), Bhedia (BDH), Pichkurirdhal (PCQ), Guskara (GKH), Noadar Dhal (NRX), Banpas (BPS), Jhapater Dhal (JTL), Khana Jn (KAN), Talit (TIT), Barddhaman Jn (BWN), Bandel Jn (BDC), Chuchura (CNS), Chandan Nagar (CGR), Seoraphuli Jn (SHE), Shrirampur (SRP), Howrah Jn (HWH).