14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) Train Time Table

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Updated: Sep 13 2019 (19:12)

Train : 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved)Dep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN Type : Mail/ExpressHalt : 47 halts Duration : 10h 35m

From : SGNRDeparture : 01:25 To : RE Arrival : 12:00 Zone : NWR

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 427 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Shri Ganganagar Jn (SGNR)01:25 10.062NWR2Pin- 335001, Rajasthan
Fatuhi (FTH)01:4001:411m 115.469NR1National Highway 15, Rajasthan
Hindumalkote (HMK)01:5001:511m 125.780NR1335901, Rajasthan
Panj Kosi (PJK)02:0102:032m 139.184NR1Panj Kosi, Punjab
Abohar Jn (ABS)02:1302:152m 153.069NR1Abohar, Punjab
Pakki (PKK)02:2802:291m 167.980NR1National Highway 15, Punjab
Malout (MOT)02:4002:422m 182.660NR1Malout, Punjab
Giddarbaha (GDB)02:5803:002m 198.637NR1Giddarbaha, Punjab
Bulluana (BHX)03:1903:201m 1110.438NR1Balluana, Punjab
Bathinda Jn (BTI)03:4504:1025m 1126.263NR2Bathinda 151005, Punjab
Gahri Bhagi (GHB)04:2404:251m 1141.017NWR1Gahri Bhagi, Punjab
Shergarh (SGA)04:3104:332m 1142.628NWR1Bathinda, Punjab
Manwala Kot Bakhtu (MKBH)04:3904:401m 1145.540NWR1Manwala Kot Bakhtu, Punjab
Bangi Nihal Singh Halt (BNLS)04:4504:461m 1148.867NWR1Bangi Nihalsingh, Punjab
Raman (RMN)04:5104:532m 1154.457NWR1Raman Mandi (Distt. Bathinda) 151301, Punjab
Ratangarh Kanakwal (RKK)05:0005:022m 1161.049NWR1Ratangarh Kanakwal, Punjab
Kalanwali (KNL)05:1105:132m 1168.450NWR1Kalanwali, Haryana
Sukhchain (SCV)05:2305:241m 1176.861NWR1Sukhchain, Haryana
Bara Gudah (BGD)05:3105:332m 1183.964NWR1Bara Gudha, Haryana
Sirsa (SSA)05:5006:0010m 1201.956NWR1Sirsa, Haryana
Bajekan (BJKN)06:0706:081m 1208.463NWR1Bajekan, Haryana
Suchan Kotli (SHN)06:1606:182m 1216.837NWR1Suchan, Haryana
Jodhka (JOK)06:2506:261m 1221.140NWR1Sirsa, Haryana
Ding (DING)06:3406:362m 1226.447NWR1Sirsa 125055, Haryana
Mehuwala Halt (MHUL)06:4506:461m 1233.451NWR1Mehuwala, Haryana
Bhattu (BHT)06:5106:532m 1237.746NWR1Bhattu Kalan, Haryana
Khabra Kalan (KBKN)07:0107:021m 1243.873NWR1Khabra Kalan, Haryana
Mandi Adampur (ADR)07:1107:132m 1254.865NWR1Hisar, Haryana
Jakhod Khera (JKHI)07:2507:272m 1267.846NWR1Jakhodlkhera, Haryana
Nyoli Kalan (NKN)07:3507:361m 1274.025NWR1Nyoli Kalan, Haryana
Hisar Jn (HSR)08:0008:1313m 1283.864NWR1,3Hisar, Haryana
Satrod (STD)08:2308:252m 1294.435NWR1Hisar -125044, Haryana
Mayar (MAYR)08:3208:331m 1298.563NWR1Mayar, Haryana
Hansi (HNS)08:4108:432m 1306.948NWR1Hansi 125033, Haryana
Aurang Nagar (AUN)08:5208:531m 1314.137NWR1Aurang Nagar, Haryana
Jitakheri (JKZ)08:5708:592m 1316.655NWR1Bhiwani, Haryana
Bawani Khera (BWK)09:0909:112m 1325.855NWR1Bawani Khera, Haryana
Sui (SUI)09:2109:221m 1335.029NWR1Bhiwani, Haryana
Bhiwani Jn (BNW)09:4009:455m 1343.874NWR--Bhiwani, Haryana
Manheru (MHU)09:5609:571m 1357.462NWR1Bhiwani, Haryana
Charkhi Dadri (CKD)10:1010:122m 1370.862NWR1Dist. Charkhi Dadri, Haryana
Patuwas Mehrana (PUW)10:1910:201m 1378.068NWR1Mehrana, Haryana
Jharli (JRL)10:2610:282m 1384.956NWR1Jhajjar, Haryana
Sudharana (SDRA)10:3710:392m 1393.347NWR1Sudharana, Haryana
Kosli (KSI)10:4610:482m 1398.845NWR1Haryana 122301, Haryana
Nangal Pathani Halt (NLQ)10:5610:571m 1404.754NWR1Nangal Pathani, Haryana
Jatusana (JTS)11:0211:042m 1409.260NWR1Nanagal Pathani Rd, Haryana
Kishangarh Balawas (KGBS)11:1311:152m 1418.211NWR1Haryana 123412, Haryana
Rewari Jn (RE)12:00 1426.6-NWR6Rewari, Haryana

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) time table?

If you want to check 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 14733 timetable?

It is important to check 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved)?

Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) train number is 14733.

What are the 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) running days?

The 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between Shri Ganganagar Jn (SGNR) and Rewari Jn (RE) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved)?

Class of travel available in Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) is General.

What is the time of departure of 14733 from the source station?

The 14733 departs from its source station Rewari Jn (RE) at 01:25.

How much distance does Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) cover?

Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) covers a total distance of 427 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 14733 to reach the destination?

The 14733 takes 10h 35m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) and at what time does it arrive?

The 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) reaches its destination station Rewari Jn at 12:00 .

How many stoppages 14733 has between Shri Ganganagar Jn and Rewari Jn?

The 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) has 48 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) take to reach Rewari Jn Railway Station?

The 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) Express reach on day 1 at 12:00 to the Rewari Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) usually arrives at SGNR and RE?

Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) arrives on platform number 2 at Shri Ganganagar Jn (SGNR) and platform number 2 at Rewari Jn (RE).

How many major stations 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) crosses?

The 14733 Shri Ganganagar - Rewari Express (UnReserved) passes by 48 major stations which are Shri Ganganagar Jn (SGNR), Fatuhi (FTH), Hindumalkote (HMK), Panj Kosi (PJK), Abohar Jn (ABS), Pakki (PKK), Malout (MOT), Giddarbaha (GDB), Bulluana (BHX), Bathinda Jn (BTI), Gahri Bhagi (GHB), Shergarh (SGA), Manwala Kot Bakhtu (MKBH), Bangi Nihal Singh Halt (BNLS), Raman (RMN), Ratangarh Kanakwal (RKK), Kalanwali (KNL), Sukhchain (SCV), Bara Gudah (BGD), Sirsa (SSA), Bajekan (BJKN), Suchan Kotli (SHN), Jodhka (JOK), Ding (DING), Mehuwala Halt (MHUL), Bhattu (BHT), Khabra Kalan (KBKN), Mandi Adampur (ADR), Jakhod Khera (JKHI), Nyoli Kalan (NKN), Hisar Jn (HSR), Satrod (STD), Mayar (MAYR), Hansi (HNS), Aurang Nagar (AUN), Jitakheri (JKZ), Bawani Khera (BWK), Sui (SUI), Bhiwani Jn (BNW), Manheru (MHU), Charkhi Dadri (CKD), Patuwas Mehrana (PUW), Jharli (JRL), Sudharana (SDRA), Kosli (KSI), Nangal Pathani Halt (NLQ), Jatusana (JTS), Kishangarh Balawas (KGBS), Rewari Jn (RE).