11448 Shaktipunj Express Train Time Table

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Updated: Jul 31 2020 (14:18)

Train : 11448 Shaktipunj ExpressDep Days: S M T W T F S

Class: GN SL 3A 2A 1A Type : Mail/ExpressHalt : 44 halts Duration : 25h 15m

From : HWHDeparture : 13:10 To : JBP Arrival : 14:25 +1 night Zone : WCR

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✓ On-board Catering✓ E-CateringDistance : 1146 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Howrah Jn (HWH)13:10 10.044ER13Dist - Howrah, West Bengal
Barddhaman Jn (BWN)14:1814:235m 194.577ER1Dist- Purba Barddhaman, West Bengal
Durgapur (DGR)15:1315:152m 1158.380ER3Dist - Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal
RaniGanj (RNG)15:3315:341m 1182.258ER2Dist - Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal
Asansol Jn (ASN)15:5315:585m 1200.556ER3Dist - Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal
Kulti (ULT)16:1316:141m 1214.527ER--Dist - Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal
Barakar (BRR)16:2116:221m 1217.79ER1Dist - Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal
Kumardubi (KMME)16:3916:401m 1220.242ER--Dhanbad - 828203(06540-222077), Jharkhand
Dhanbad Jn (DHN)17:3517:4510m 1258.827ECR7Railway inquiry - 0326-2319801, Jharkhand
Katrasgarh (KTH)18:1518:172m 1272.122ECR1Dist :- Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Chandrapura Jn (CRP)19:1319:152m 1292.644ECR106549-242555, Jharkhand
Bhandaridah (BHME)19:2419:262m 1299.349ECR1Dist :- Bokaro, Jharkhand
Phusro (PUS)19:3219:342m 1304.131ECR106549-222754, Jharkhand
Bermo (BRMO)19:4519:472m 1309.953ECR--Dist :- Bokaro, Jharkhand
Bokaro Thermal (BKRO)19:5719:592m 1318.734ECR1Dist :- Bokaro, Jharkhand
Gumia (GMIA)20:0920:112m 1324.371ECR106544-261249, Jharkhand
Chainpur (CNPR)20:3720:392m 1355.149ECR1Chainpur, Jharkhand
Ranchi Road (RRME)20:5420:562m 1367.323ECR--06553-222042, Jharkhand
Barkakana Jn (BRKA)21:2021:4525m 1376.461ECR2PH - 0653-255225, Jharkhand
Patratu (PTRU)22:0322:052m 1394.761ECR1Pin - 829118, Jharkhand
Ray (RAY)22:3422:362m 1424.046ECR1ray, Jharkhand
Khalari (KLRE)22:4522:472m 1430.942ECR1Pin - 829205, Jharkhand
McCluskieGanj (MGME)22:5622:582m 1437.169ECR2Pin - 829208, Jharkhand
Tori Jn (TORI)23:1723:203m 1459.167ECR2Pincode :- 829203, Jharkhand
Latehar (LTHR)23:4923:512m 1491.771ECR2829207, Jharkhand
Chhipadohar (CPDR)00:1800:202m 2523.651ECR1Dist Latehar 829204, Jharkhand
Barwadih Jn (BRWD)00:3000:333m 2532.063ECR1822111, Jharkhand
DaltonGanj (DTO)00:5901:023m 2559.342ECR1230812, Jharkhand
Garhwa Road Jn (GHD)01:5001:555m 2592.775ECR1Palamu Pn. no - 06584-262777, Jharkhand
Garhwa (GHQ)02:0302:052m 2602.782ECR1Garhwa, Jharkhand
Nagar Untari (NUQ)02:3002:322m 2636.771ECR1Garhwa, Jharkhand
WyndhamGanj (WDM)02:4202:442m 2648.571ECR1Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Duddhinagar (DXN)03:0303:052m 2670.964ECR1Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Renukut (RNQ)03:2503:283m 2692.144ECR1Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Chopan (CPU)04:2504:4520m 2734.146ECR3SH 5A Sonebhadra Ph.no. - 05445-264204, Uttar Pradesh
Obra Dam (OBR)05:0105:032m 2746.330ECR1Obra, Uttar Pradesh
Singrauli (SGRL)06:4506:5510m 2796.831ECR1Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh
Bargawan (BRGW)07:3307:352m 2816.567WCR--Bargawan, Madhya Pradesh
Sarai Gram (SGAM)08:0808:102m 2853.070WCR1Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
Marwasgram (MWJ)08:4908:501m 2898.656WCR1Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
Beohari (BEHR)09:4009:455m 2945.348WCR1shahdol, Madhya Pradesh
Vijay Sota (VST)10:2410:251m 2976.478WCR--State Highway 10, Madhya Pradesh
Khanna Banjari (KHBJ)10:4810:502m 21006.427WCR1State Highway 11, Madhya Pradesh
Katni South (KTES)12:4012:455m 21056.892WCR2Katni (M.P.) 483503, Madhya Pradesh
Sihora Road (SHR)13:1813:202m 21107.236WCR2Jabalpur (M.P.) 483225, Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Jn (JBP)14:25 21145.7-WCR2,3Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 11448 Shaktipunj Express time table?

If you want to check 11448 Shaktipunj Express time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Shaktipunj Express will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 11448 timetable?

It is important to check 11448 Shaktipunj Express because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Shaktipunj Express timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Shaktipunj Express?

Shaktipunj Express train number is 11448.

What are the 11448 Shaktipunj Express running days?

The 11448 Shaktipunj Express runs on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat between Howrah Jn (HWH) and Jabalpur Jn (JBP) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Shaktipunj Express?

Class of travel available in Shaktipunj Express is General, Sleeper, AC 3-tier, AC 2-tier and AC 1st Class.

What is the time of departure of 11448 from the source station?

The 11448 departs from its source station Jabalpur Jn (JBP) at 13:10.

How much distance does Shaktipunj Express cover?

Shaktipunj Express covers a total distance of 1146 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 11448 to reach the destination?

The 11448 takes 25h 15m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 11448 Shaktipunj Express and at what time does it arrive?

The 11448 Shaktipunj Express reaches its destination station Jabalpur Jn at 14:25 +1 night.

How many stoppages 11448 has between Howrah Jn and Jabalpur Jn?

The 11448 Shaktipunj Express has 45 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 11448 Shaktipunj Express take to reach Jabalpur Jn Railway Station?

The 11448 Shaktipunj Express Express reach on day 2 at 14:25 +1 night to the Jabalpur Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Shaktipunj Express usually arrives at HWH and JBP?

Shaktipunj Express arrives on platform number 13 at Howrah Jn (HWH) and platform number 13 at Jabalpur Jn (JBP).

How many major stations 11448 Shaktipunj Express crosses?

The 11448 Shaktipunj Express passes by 45 major stations which are Howrah Jn (HWH), Barddhaman Jn (BWN), Durgapur (DGR), RaniGanj (RNG), Asansol Jn (ASN), Kulti (ULT), Barakar (BRR), Kumardubi (KMME), Dhanbad Jn (DHN), Katrasgarh (KTH), Chandrapura Jn (CRP), Bhandaridah (BHME), Phusro (PUS), Bermo (BRMO), Bokaro Thermal (BKRO), Gumia (GMIA), Chainpur (CNPR), Ranchi Road (RRME), Barkakana Jn (BRKA), Patratu (PTRU), Ray (RAY), Khalari (KLRE), McCluskieGanj (MGME), Tori Jn (TORI), Latehar (LTHR), Chhipadohar (CPDR), Barwadih Jn (BRWD), DaltonGanj (DTO), Garhwa Road Jn (GHD), Garhwa (GHQ), Nagar Untari (NUQ), WyndhamGanj (WDM), Duddhinagar (DXN), Renukut (RNQ), Chopan (CPU), Obra Dam (OBR), Singrauli (SGRL), Bargawan (BRGW), Sarai Gram (SGAM), Marwasgram (MWJ), Beohari (BEHR), Vijay Sota (VST), Khanna Banjari (KHBJ), Katni South (KTES), Sihora Road (SHR), Jabalpur Jn (JBP).