08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special Train Time Table

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Updated: Dec 29 2020 (21:27)

Train : 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi SpecialDep Days: - M T - T - S

Class: 2S SL 3A 2A Type : COV-ReservedHalt : 61 halts Duration : 51h 10m

From : SBPDeparture : 11:00 To : JAT Arrival : 14:10 +2 nights Zone : ECoR

Pantry/Catering : ✓ Pantry Car✓ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 2348 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Sambalpur Jn (SBP)11:00 10.053ECoR--Dist - Sambalpur 768003, Odisha
Jharsuguda Jn (JSG)11:5512:0510m 148.784SER--PIN - 768201, Odisha
Rajgangpur (GP)12:5612:571m 1119.954SER--Pincode-770017, Odisha
Rourkela Jn (ROU)13:3013:4010m 1149.845SER--PIN - 769001, Odisha
Orga (ORGA)14:2714:281m 1184.963SER--Jharkhand - 835201, Jharkhand
Bano (BANO)15:0215:031m 1220.776SER--835201, Jharkhand
Govindpur Road (GBX)15:4415:451m 1272.639SER--khunti, Jharkhand
Hatia (HTE)16:5017:0010m 1314.328SER--Ranchi, Jharkhand
Ranchi Jn (RNC)17:1517:3015m 1321.255SER--Jharkhand 834001, Jharkhand
Muri Jn (MURI)18:3518:405m 1381.240SER--PIN - 835101, Jharkhand
Ramgarh Cantt (RMT)20:0020:055m 1434.69SER--Ramgarh District, Jharkhand
Barkakana Jn (BRKA)20:4020:5010m 1439.761ECR--PH - 0653-255225, Jharkhand
Patratu (PTRU)21:0821:102m 1458.160ECR--Pin - 829118, Jharkhand
Khalari (KLRE)21:4621:482m 1494.374ECR--Pin - 829205, Jharkhand
Tori Jn (TORI)22:1122:132m 1522.572ECR--Pincode :- 829203, Jharkhand
Latehar (LTHR)22:4022:422m 1555.073ECR--829207, Jharkhand
Barwadih Jn (BRWD)23:1523:205m 1595.436ECR--822111, Jharkhand
DaltonGanj (DTO)00:0500:072m 2622.638ECR--230812, Jharkhand
Garhwa Road Jn (GHD)01:0001:055m 2656.046ECR--Palamu Pn. no - 06584-262777, Jharkhand
Garhwa (GHQ)01:1801:202m 2666.042ECR--Garhwa, Jharkhand
Nagar Untari (NUQ)02:0902:112m 2700.059ECR--Garhwa, Jharkhand
WyndhamGanj (WDM)02:2302:252m 2711.867ECR--Distt.- Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Duddhinagar (DXN)02:4502:472m 2734.358ECR--Distt.- Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Renukut (RNQ)03:0903:112m 2755.428ECR--Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Chopan (CPU)04:4004:5010m 2797.440ECR--SH 5A Sonebhadra Ph.no. - 05445-264204, Uttar Pradesh
Sonbhadra (SBDR)05:3005:322m 2824.137NCR--Dist. - Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Chunar Jn (CAR)07:3507:405m 2900.169NCR--Pincode :- 231304, Uttar Pradesh
Mirzapur (MZP)08:0708:125m 2931.227NCR--Dist. Mirzapur - 231001 Tel: 05442-220095, Uttar Pradesh
Vindhyachal (BDL)08:2808:302m 2938.585NCR--Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
Meja Road (MJA)09:0109:021m 2982.548NCR--Distt. Prayagraj PIN 212305, Uttar Pradesh
Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ)09:5009:555m 21020.788NCR--Prayagraj - 211003, Uttar Pradesh
Fatehpur (FTP)11:1511:172m 21137.445NCR--Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur Ctrl (CNB)13:0013:1010m 21215.163NCR3KANPUR-208 001, Uttar Pradesh
Jhinjhak (JJK)14:1014:122m 21278.373NCR--Kanpur Rural district, Uttar Pradesh
Etawah Jn (ETW)15:1515:205m 21354.583NCR--Distt. Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
Shikohabad Jn (SKB)16:0016:022m 21409.951NCR--District Firozabad-283141, Uttar Pradesh
Tundla Jn (TDL)16:4516:505m 21446.369NCR--PIN 283204, Uttar Pradesh
Aligarh Jn (ALJN)17:5818:035m 21524.547NCR--Aligarh 202001, Uttar Pradesh
Ghaziabad Jn (GZB)20:1820:202m 21630.524NR--201009, Uttar Pradesh
Old Delhi Jn (DLI)21:1021:2515m 21650.912NR--Delhi 110006, Delhi NCT
Sabzi Mandi (SZM)21:3921:412m 21653.784NR1110007, Delhi NCT
Sonipat Jn (SNP)22:1022:122m 21694.180NR2Aggarsain Nagar 131304, Haryana
Panipat Jn (PNP)22:4622:482m 21739.582NR3Panipat 132103, Haryana
Karnal (KUN)23:1323:152m 21773.787NR2KARNAL ( Delhi-NCR ) 132001 India, Haryana
Kurukshetra Jn (KKDE)23:3823:402m 21806.983NR1Kurukshetra 136118, Haryana
Shahabad Markanda (SHDM)23:5623:582m 21829.010NR2136136, Haryana
Ambala Cantt Jn (UMB)01:5802:1012m 31848.867NR--District Ambala - 133001, Haryana
Chandigarh Jn (CDG)02:5003:1323m 31893.660NR--Daria. Jn. Pnt. KLK/NMDA/UMB, Chandigarh
Ludhiana Jn (LDH)05:0505:1510m 32005.958NR2Ludhiana - 141008, Punjab
Phillaur Jn (PHR)05:2905:312m 32019.350NR2District Jalandhar - 144410, Punjab
Phagwara Jn (PGW)05:5806:002m 32041.852NR2District Kapurthala 144401, Punjab
Jalandhar Cantt Jn (JRC)06:1906:212m 32058.220NR1Jalandhar - 144001, Punjab
Jalandhar City Jn (JUC)06:3506:405m 32062.972NR1Jalandhar 144001. Jn. Pt. NRO/Kapurthala/JRC/Beas, Punjab
Beas Jn (BEAS)07:1007:122m 32099.159NR1Pincode-143201, Punjab
Amritsar Jn (ASR)07:5508:2025m 32141.448NR--Amritsar 143001., Punjab
Batala Jn (BAT)09:0809:102m 32180.157NR1Batala, Punjab
Dhariwal (DHW)09:3009:322m 32199.164NR1Dist. - Gurdaspur, Punjab
Gurdaspur (GSP)09:4509:472m 32212.867NR1Gurdaspur, Punjab
Dinanagar (DNN)09:5709:592m 32224.035NR1Dinanagar (Distt.Gurdaspur) 143521, Punjab
Pathankot Jn (PTK)10:4011:0525m 32248.236NR3Pathankot 145001, Punjab
Hira Nagar (HRNR)12:3312:352m 32300.530NR1Hiranagar, Jammu and Kashmir
Vijaypur Jammu (VJPJ)13:2813:302m 32326.732NR1Vijaypur (Distt. Samba) 184120, Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu Tawi (JAT)14:10 32347.7-NR1Jammu 180012, Jammu and Kashmir

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special time table?

If you want to check 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special time table, then just enter your train number in the input box and select your train and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable of Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 08309 timetable?

It is important to check 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special?

Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special train number is 08309.

What are the 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special running days?

The 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special runs on Mon, Tue, Thu and Sat between Sambalpur Jn (SBP) and Jammu Tawi (JAT) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special?

Class of travel available in Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special is 2nd Sitting, Sleeper, AC 3-tier and AC 2-tier.

What is the time of departure of 08309 from the source station?

The 08309 departs from its source station Jammu Tawi (JAT) at 11:00.

How much distance does Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special cover?

Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special covers a total distance of 2348 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 08309 to reach the destination?

The 08309 takes 51h 10m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special and at what time does it arrive?

The 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special reaches its destination station Jammu Tawi at 14:10 +2 nights.

How many stoppages 08309 has between Sambalpur Jn and Jammu Tawi?

The 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special has 62 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special take to reach Jammu Tawi Railway Station?

The 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special Express reach on day 3 at 14:10 +2 nights to the Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special usually arrives at SBP and JAT?

Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special arrives on platform number -- at Sambalpur Jn (SBP) and platform number -- at Jammu Tawi (JAT).

How many major stations 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special crosses?

The 08309 Sambalpur - Jammu Tawi Special passes by 62 major stations which are Sambalpur Jn (SBP), Jharsuguda Jn (JSG), Rajgangpur (GP), Rourkela Jn (ROU), Orga (ORGA), Bano (BANO), Govindpur Road (GBX), Hatia (HTE), Ranchi Jn (RNC), Muri Jn (MURI), Ramgarh Cantt (RMT), Barkakana Jn (BRKA), Patratu (PTRU), Khalari (KLRE), Tori Jn (TORI), Latehar (LTHR), Barwadih Jn (BRWD), DaltonGanj (DTO), Garhwa Road Jn (GHD), Garhwa (GHQ), Nagar Untari (NUQ), WyndhamGanj (WDM), Duddhinagar (DXN), Renukut (RNQ), Chopan (CPU), Sonbhadra (SBDR), Chunar Jn (CAR), Mirzapur (MZP), Vindhyachal (BDL), Meja Road (MJA), Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ), Fatehpur (FTP), Kanpur Ctrl (CNB), Jhinjhak (JJK), Etawah Jn (ETW), Shikohabad Jn (SKB), Tundla Jn (TDL), Aligarh Jn (ALJN), Ghaziabad Jn (GZB), Old Delhi Jn (DLI), Sabzi Mandi (SZM), Sonipat Jn (SNP), Panipat Jn (PNP), Karnal (KUN), Kurukshetra Jn (KKDE), Shahabad Markanda (SHDM), Ambala Cantt Jn (UMB), Chandigarh Jn (CDG), Ludhiana Jn (LDH), Phillaur Jn (PHR), Phagwara Jn (PGW), Jalandhar Cantt Jn (JRC), Jalandhar City Jn (JUC), Beas Jn (BEAS), Amritsar Jn (ASR), Batala Jn (BAT), Dhariwal (DHW), Gurdaspur (GSP), Dinanagar (DNN), Pathankot Jn (PTK), Hira Nagar (HRNR), Vijaypur Jammu (VJPJ), Jammu Tawi (JAT).