01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) Train Time Table

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Updated: Jul 13 (23:30)

Train : 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi)Dep Days: S - T W T F -

Class: 2S SL 3A 2A 1A Type : COV-ReservedHalt : 46 halts Duration : 27h 30m

From : SMNHDeparture : 09:55 To : JBP Arrival : 13:25 +1 night Zone : WCR

Pantry/Catering : ✕ Pantry Car✕ On-board Catering✕ E-CateringDistance : 1402 km

Stn. Name Arr. Dep.Halt Day Dist.SpeedZoneExp. Platform Address
Somnath (SMNH)09:55 10.036WR--PIN 362268, Gujarat
Veraval Jn (VRL)10:0310:085m 14.876WR--Pin - 362265, Gujarat
Maliya Hatina (MLHA)10:3210:331m 135.257WR--Malia - 362245, Gujarat
Keshod (KSD)10:5010:511m 151.259WR--Gujarat 362220, Gujarat
Junagadh Jn (JND)11:2711:292m 186.862WR--Gujarat 362001, Gujarat
Jetalsar Jn (JLR)11:5411:595m 1112.653WR--Gujarat 360360, Gujarat
Virpur (VRR)12:2112:221m 1132.162WR--Virpur-360380, Gujarat
Gondal (GDL)12:3812:391m 1148.838WR--Gujarat 360311, Gujarat
Bhakti Nagar (BKNG)13:3513:361m 1183.930WR--Gujarat 360002, Gujarat
Rajkot Jn (RJT)13:4813:535m 1189.957WR1Rajkot, Gujarat
Wankaner Jn (WKR)14:3714:425m 1231.966WR--District- Rajkot 363621, Gujarat
Than (THAN)15:0615:082m 1258.258WR--Dist. - Surendranagar, Gujarat
Surendranagar Jn (SUNR)15:5715:592m 1306.061WR--Gujarat - 363001, Gujarat
Viramgam Jn (VG)17:0317:052m 1371.446WR--Junction Point - ADI/BLRD/MSH/SIOB Viramgam - 382150, Gujarat
Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)18:3018:5020m 1436.662WR--Pin Code - 380002 ., Gujarat
Nadiad Jn (ND)19:3419:362m 1482.380WR--Nadiad - 387002, Gujarat
Anand Jn (ANND)19:5019:522m 1501.160WR--Anand - 388120, Gujarat
Chhayapuri (CYI)20:2420:295m 1533.085WR--Vadodara City, Gujarat
Derol (DRL)20:5921:012m 1575.744WR--Dist. Panchmahal - 389330, Gujarat
Godhra Jn (GDA)21:3321:352m 1599.191WR--Dist.Panchmahal - 389001, Gujarat
Dahod (DHD)22:2322:252m 1672.383WR--Dahod - 389151, Gujarat
Meghnagar (MGN)22:4922:512m 1705.444WR--Dist.Jhabua - 457779, Madhya Pradesh
Ratlam Jn (RTM)00:4000:455m 2786.268WR--PIN 457001, Madhya Pradesh
Khachrod (KUH)01:0901:112m 2813.532WR--Dist. Ujjain - 456224, Madhya Pradesh
Nagda Jn (NAD)01:3701:403m 2827.248WR--Nagda Dist Ujjain - 456335, Madhya Pradesh
Ujjain Jn (UJN)02:5003:0010m 2882.758WR--Ujjain 456001, Madhya Pradesh
Maksi Jn (MKC)03:4303:452m 2923.976WR--Maksi Dist.Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
Berchha (BCH)04:0004:022m 2942.856WR--Berchha, Madhya Pradesh
Kali Sindh (KSH)04:1504:172m 2954.972WR--Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
Akodia (AKD)04:3204:331m 2972.960WR--District Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
Shujalpur (SJP)04:4604:482m 2985.958WR2district Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
Kalapipal (KPP)05:0105:021m 2998.570WR--District shajapur pin 465337, Madhya Pradesh
Parbati (PRB)05:1505:161m 21013.676WR--Sehore, Madhya Pradesh
Sehore (SEH)05:2705:292m 21027.639WR2MP 466001, Madhya Pradesh
Sant Hirdaram Nagar (SHRN)06:1306:152m 21055.925WCR--Bhopal - 462030, Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal Jn (BPL)06:4006:5010m 21066.229WCR4462001, Madhya Pradesh
HabibGanj (HBJ)07:0307:052m 21072.460WCR4Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Hoshangabad (HBD)08:1308:152m 21140.024WCR2PIN - 461001, Madhya Pradesh
Itarsi Jn (ET)09:0009:2020m 21158.077WCR3District Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Sohagpur (SGP)09:5810:002m 21206.983WCR2Dis.- Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Pipariya (PPI)10:1310:152m 21224.878WCR1Pin - 461775, Madhya Pradesh
Gadarwara (GAR)10:5310:552m 21273.9132WCR1Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Kareli (KY)11:0811:102m 21302.541WCR1Distt.-Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Narsinghpur (NU)11:3311:352m 21318.3105WCR1Narsinghapur, Madhya Pradesh
Karak Bel (KKB)11:4411:451m 21334.071WCR--Dis.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Shridham (SRID)11:5812:002m 21349.556WCR--Dist.- Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
Madan Mahal (MML)12:5312:552m 21399.17WCR--482002, Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur Jn (JBP)13:25 21402.4-WCR--Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) time table?

If you want to check the 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) time table, then just enter your train number in the input box, select your train, and click on the "Get Schedule" button. By doing so, the live train timetable for the Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to check 01463 timetable?

It is important to check 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) because sometimes Indian railways change their train timetable without any prior notice due to some inevitable circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable that passengers should check Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) timetable before leaving for the railway station.

What is the train number of Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi)?

Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) train number is 01463.

What are the 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) running days?

The 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) runs on Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri between Somnath (SMNH) and Jabalpur Jn (JBP) Stations on its respective timings.

What are the travel class available in Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi)?

Class of travel available in Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) is 2nd Sitting, Sleeper, AC 3-tier, AC 2-tier and AC 1st Class.

What is the time of departure of 01463 from the source station?

The 01463 departs from its source station Jabalpur Jn (JBP) at 09:55.

How much distance does Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) cover?

Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) covers a total distance of 1402 km.

What is the total travel time taken by 01463 to reach the destination?

The 01463 takes 27h 30m to reach its destination station.

Which is the destination station of 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) and at what time does it arrive?

The 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) reaches its destination station Jabalpur Jn at 13:25 +1 night.

How many stoppages 01463 has between Somnath and Jabalpur Jn?

The 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) has 47 stoppages in route including both source and destination stations.

How many days does 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) take to reach Jabalpur Jn Railway Station?

The 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) Express reach on day 2 at 13:25 +1 night to the Jabalpur Jn Railway Station.

What is the platform number on which Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) usually arrives at SMNH and JBP?

Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) arrives on platform number -- at Somnath (SMNH) and platform number -- at Jabalpur Jn (JBP).

How many major stations 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) crosses?

The 01463 Somnath - Jabalpur Special (Via Itarsi) passes by 47 major stations which are Somnath (SMNH), Veraval Jn (VRL), Maliya Hatina (MLHA), Keshod (KSD), Junagadh Jn (JND), Jetalsar Jn (JLR), Virpur (VRR), Gondal (GDL), Bhakti Nagar (BKNG), Rajkot Jn (RJT), Wankaner Jn (WKR), Than (THAN), Surendranagar Jn (SUNR), Viramgam Jn (VG), Ahmedabad Jn (ADI), Nadiad Jn (ND), Anand Jn (ANND), Chhayapuri (CYI), Derol (DRL), Godhra Jn (GDA), Dahod (DHD), Meghnagar (MGN), Ratlam Jn (RTM), Khachrod (KUH), Nagda Jn (NAD), Ujjain Jn (UJN), Maksi Jn (MKC), Berchha (BCH), Kali Sindh (KSH), Akodia (AKD), Shujalpur (SJP), Kalapipal (KPP), Parbati (PRB), Sehore (SEH), Sant Hirdaram Nagar (SHRN), Bhopal Jn (BPL), HabibGanj (HBJ), Hoshangabad (HBD), Itarsi Jn (ET), Sohagpur (SGP), Pipariya (PPI), Gadarwara (GAR), Kareli (KY), Narsinghpur (NU), Karak Bel (KKB), Shridham (SRID), Madan Mahal (MML), Jabalpur Jn (JBP).