Saudia Airlines PNR Status

Saudia Airlines, the third-largest airline in Saudi Arabia, operates under the auspices of the Saudi Arabian government. Established in 1945 as Saudi Arabian Airlines, the carrier rebranded to Saudia in 2012 for branding purposes. The airline's primary operational hub is located at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah (JED). Additionally, Saudia is recognized for joining the SkyTeam airline alliance in 2012, enhancing its global connectivity and partnership network. The airline makes travel easier by offering a service to check your Saudia Airlines PNR status, giving you real-time updates on your booking status.

How to Check Saudia Airlines PNR Status?

You can check the PNR status of Saudia Airlines either online through the Saudia Airlines website or offline by calling customer care numbers.

How Can I Check Saudia Airlines Flight PNR Status Online?

  • Simply visit the Saudia Airlines official PNR enquiry page by following the link mentioned below.
  • Check Status Check Saudia Airlines Flight PNR Status

  • Once you reached on Saudia Airlines PNR Status enquiry webpage, you need to enter your Saudia Airlines booking reference or e-ticket number and passenger’s last name in the given box.
  • Make sure provided details match your Saudia Airlines ticket.
  • After filling in the all details on the Saudia Airlines page hit the "Arrow" button.
  • By doing this, the current status of your Saudia Airlines ticket will be displayed on your device screen.

How to do Saudia Airlines Ticket Status Enquiry over Customer Care?

Some of the customer care numbers of Saudia Airlines are mentioned below through which travelers can enquire about their Saudia Airlines PNR Status.

Saudia Airlines Customer Care Numbers

Saudi Arabia: 920022222 UAE: 042485777
Kuwait: 22200072 Bahrain: 65005665
France: 0820200505 Qatar: 00800101093
USA: 1-800-472-8342 Oman: 80074248
Jordan: 065777766 Germany: 01803698888
Turkey: 90-8504551601 UK: +44 (0) 3712004433

About Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Saudi Arabia, operating with a fleet size of 151 aircraft and connecting to more than 102 destinations. The airline, through its alliance with SkyTeam, ensures an expansive network across the world, displaying enhanced capabilities. This partnership facilitates connectivity to numerous global destinations, offering passengers a seamless travel experience and access to an extensive range of services and benefits.

The airline has a web-based portal for online ticket booking. The website is well versed in online booking, web check-in, cancellation, and other modifications to the ticket. Its flights have three basic classes for booking tickets: guest class, business class, and first suite. The baggage allowed for Guest Class passengers is 25 kg, while Business Class and First Class passengers can carry two pieces of 25 kg of baggage each.

Passengers are delighted with the customized cuisine offered according to their region. Basically, the flight serves the basic menu as per the destination it is heading to. The airline takes special care of long-haul flights by enabling personalized video screens and providing 20+ channels. There are different services that add to the entertainment. Skysales is an in-flight shopping service that is initiated by airlines to add extra benefits to the traveling experience of passengers.

The airline is striving to achieve customer delight by offering a variety of add-on services. A dedicated counter is provided for special needs. The special lounges are provided for business-class and first-class passengers. The airline is sensitive to accommodating family members in adjacent seats. There is a service kiosk for people looking for boarding passes on site at the airport. It is worth mentioning that online checking enables quick boarding passes for passengers.

Furthermore, the airline offers a frequent flyer program under the name of Alfursan. This elite service rewards frequent fliers for their loyalty to the airline. Alfursan members enjoy a range of benefits, including access to global lounges, an additional baggage allowance, and various exclusive offers and promotions that contribute to their reward points. This dual-benefit program has proven advantageous for frequent travelers. Additionally, Alfursan members can invite up to eight individuals to join the program, which also adds benefits for the inviter, further enhancing the value of membership.

Saudia Airlines is committed to serving customers with all the prevalent global standards. The privatization of the sector has been a significant booster, transforming the industry. Previously, the airline existed merely to survive, but now it thrives with a focus on growth. By offering attractive deals for its customers, Saudia Airlines is setting new trends and promising substantial growth within the industry.