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Station Code Station Name HnZoneAddress
SJASijuaECR Dist :- Dhanbad, Jharkhand
2 Trains
68020 Dhanbad - Jhargram MEMU MEMU SER DHN 14:05 JGM 21:30 7h 25m S M T W T F - 295 km 40 km/hr GN
68019 Jhargram - Dhanbad MEMU MEMU SER JGM 06:05 DHN 14:05 8h 0m S M T W T F - 295 km 37 km/hr GN
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Sijua (SJA) railway station details and trains that passes through here?

If you want to check Sijua (SJA) station details, then just enter your station name/code in input box, select your station name from dropdown, and hit the "Get Details" button. On doing so, station details along with train passing through Sijua station will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to have Sijua railway station details?

This information very important as the knowledge of Sijua (SJA) railway station avoid confusion between similar sounding station names when booking ticket. Also, prove useful when you have to leave for somewhere on urgent basis and you have information of trains, which passes through Sijua station.

What is the station code for Sijua Railway Station?

The station code for Sijua Railway Station is SJA.

How many trains are passing through Sijua (SJA)?

There are 2 trains, which passes through Sijua (SJA).

In which zone Mumbai Sijua falls?

Sijua falls in ECR zone.

What is the address of Sijua (SJA)?

The Address of Sijua (SJA) is "Dist :- Dhanbad, Jharkhand".

What are the trains that starts from Sijua?

No trains start from Sijua Station.

Which is the fastest train that passes through SJA?

68020 Dhanbad - Jhargram MEMU is the fastest train, which covers a distance of 295 km in 7h 25m.