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Station Code Station Name HnZoneAddress
ANCRAnchuriSER Dist - Bankura, West Bengal
18 Trains
68043 Kharagpur - Asansol MEMU MEMU SER KGP 05:40 ASN 11:20 5h 40m S M T W T F S 210 km 37 km/hr GN
68102 Adra - Kharagpur MEMU MEMU SER ADRA 07:00 KGP 10:30 3h 30m S M T W T F S 169 km 48 km/hr GN
58026 Hatia - Kharagpur Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger SER HTE 09:00 KGP 18:05 9h 5m S M T W T F S 335 km 37 km/hr GN
68044 Asansol - Kharagpur MEMU MEMU SER ASN 17:05 KGP 22:15 5h 10m S M T W T F S 210 km 41 km/hr GN
58025 Kharagpur - Hatia Passenger (UnReserved) Passenger SER KGP 08:45 HTE 19:30 10h 45m S M T W T F S 338 km 31 km/hr GN
68103 Kharagpur - Gomoh MEMU MEMU SER KGP 14:35 GMO 21:30 6h 55m S M T W T F S 250 km 36 km/hr GN
68101 Kharagpur - Adra MEMU MEMU SER KGP 18:05 ADRA 21:15 3h 10m S M T W T F S 169 km 53 km/hr GN
68087 Bishnupur - Dhanbad MEMU MEMU SER VSU 06:50 DHN 11:50 5h 0m S M T W T F S 144 km 29 km/hr GN
68088 Dhanbad - Bankura MEMU MEMU SER DHN 13:40 BQA 18:00 4h 20m S M T W T F S 114 km 26 km/hr GN
68082 Adra - Bishnupur MEMU MEMU SER ADRA 21:15 VSU 22:55 1h 40m S M T W T F S 83 km 50 km/hr GN
68081 Bankura - Adra MEMU MEMU SER BQA 04:00 ADRA 05:00 1h 0m S M T W T F S 53 km 53 km/hr GN
68083 Bishnupur - Adra MEMU MEMU SER VSU 05:05 ADRA 06:50 1h 45m S M T W T F S 83 km 48 km/hr GN
68104 Gomoh - Kharagpur MEMU MEMU SER GMO 06:25 KGP 14:15 7h 50m S M T W T F S 250 km 32 km/hr GN
68084 Adra - Bishnupur MEMU MEMU SER ADRA 20:20 VSU 21:55 1h 35m S M T W T F S 83 km 53 km/hr GN
68097 Garhbeta - Adra MEMU MEMU SER GBA 20:15 ADRA 22:15 2h 0m S M T W T F S 108 km 54 km/hr GN
68098 Adra - Garhbeta MEMU MEMU SER ADRA 17:35 GBA 19:45 2h 10m S M T W T F S 108 km 50 km/hr GN
68090 Adra - Midnapore MEMU COV-UnReserved SER ADRA 08:20 MDN 11:20 3h 0m S M T W T F S 156 km 52 km/hr GN
68089 Midnapore - Adra MEMU COV-UnReserved SER MDN 11:45 ADRA 14:25 2h 40m S M T W T F S 156 km 58 km/hr GN
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Anchuri (ANCR) railway station details and trains that pass through here?

If you want to check Anchuri (ANCR) station details, then just enter your station name/code in the search box above, select your station name from the dropdown, and hit the "Get Details" button. By doing so, station details along with the train passing through Anchuri station will be displayed on your device screen.

Why it is important to have Anchuri railway station details?

This information is very important as the knowledge of Anchuri (ANCR) railway station avoid confusion between similar sounding station names when booking tickets. Also, prove useful when you have to leave for somewhere on an urgent basis and you have information of trains, which passes through Anchuri station.

What is the station code for Anchuri Railway Station?

The station code for Anchuri Railway Station is ANCR.

How many trains are passing through Anchuri (ANCR)?

There are 18 trains, which pass through Anchuri (ANCR).

In which zone Anchuri falls?

Anchuri falls in SER zone.

What is the address of Anchuri (ANCR)?

The Address of Anchuri (ANCR) is "Dist - Bankura, West Bengal".

What are the trains that start from Anchuri?

No trains start from Anchuri Station.

Which is the fastest train that passes through ANCR?

68082 Adra - Bishnupur MEMU is the fastest train, which covers a distance of 83 km in 1h 40m.