Air India Express PNR Status

Air India Express is the leading domestic carrier in the nation. It provides the world-class experience of flying at very economical and affordable prices. It is based in India and takes full guarantee of providing hassle-free journey. Air India Express connects around 140 city pairs across the world with the help of an extensive network of over 651 flight services a week.

How to Check Air India Express PNR Status?

You can check the PNR status of Air India Express either online through the Air India Express website or offline by calling customer care numbers.

How Can I Check Air India Express Flight PNR Status Online?

  • Simply visit the Air India Express official PNR enquiry page by following the link mentioned below.
  • Check Status Check Air India Express Flight PNR Status

  • Once you reached on Air India Express PNR Status enquiry webpage, you need to enter your Air India Express confirmation number and passenger’s last name in the given box.
  • Make sure provided details match your Air India Express ticket.
  • After filling in the all details on the Air India Express page hit the "Retrieve Booking" button.
  • By doing this, the current status of your Air India Express ticket will be displayed on your device screen.

How to do Air India Express Ticket Status Enquiry over Customer Care?

Some of the customer care numbers of Air India Express are mentioned below through which travelers can enquire about their Air India Express PNR Status.

Air India Express Customer Care Numbers

Call Centre Number: 044-40013001 / 044-24301930

About Air India Express

Air India Express despite being a low-cost airline offers the best hospitality service to its travelers. The capacity of an Air India Express carrier is around 180 seats. Its flights have only a single economy class. Nevertheless, it uses aircraft keeping on par with industry standards. Air India Express has state of the art 24 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The staff employed is very friendly. On flight at Air India Express, every passenger is taken great care of. Be it an infant, an unwell passenger, the specially blessed, or the aged, the crew at Air India Express even go out of their way to keep every passenger happy and comfortable. The safety and maintenance standards are high at Air India Express. Safety, hygiene, and maintenance standards are comparable to the best airlines in the aviation industry. Ground services of Air India Express meet the standard requirements of air travelers.

While traveling by air, every passenger feels the need to have a safe and comfortable trip. The on-board in-flight services offered by Air India Express, live up to the expectation of the travelers. They give passengers good value for their money. On-board at Air India Express, the travelers are offered free standardized meals. They are also provided with limited entertainment facilities. All this is done just to ensure that the passengers have a memorable air journey. Even though Air India Express is known to be a low-cost budget airline carrier, the airline makes no compromise on quality. It keeps up to the industry standards in terms of safety.

Apart from all of this, very few of us are aware of this astonishing creative side of Air India Express. This is true that this airline has a creative side too. It takes full advantage of tail art. Each of its aircraft features a different tail design that reflects a facet of Indian culture, history, and tradition. The right tail and the left tail of the aircraft paint a slice of Indian culture, history, and tradition like the Sun temple, the gateway of India, the Taj Mahal, an elephant, an oil lamp, a kite, and more. Catch them all on either the left or the right-wing of Air India Express flight. So, the next time you get a chance to fly Air India Express, feel happy that you are traveling on a creative flight. To book tickets, contact your travel agent or log on to the Air India Express website.